lundi 28 décembre 2009

The three "H"

The three "H" : Hobo, Halawa and Hated ! Still black and white because I'm at my parent's house.

"Hobo", I hope you recognized at least a little bit Charlie Winston. Got the album for Christmas and I was there, doodling, with no inspiration, when my eyes met the front page of the booklet. I just had to try a little portrait and it was satisfying enough for me to share it. I might make a painted version sometime, with soft greyscales... :}

"Halawa" ! Usually I'm not into portraits but today is the exception. Let me introduce you Sultan, a fantastic bellydancer I found out on a float, during this year's Gay Pride in Paris. Not only was he a gorgeous guy but he was also a fantastic dancer. I already drew him this summer, but it was at a convention -read : on the corner of a full table, with very few hours of sleep ^^"-, and it was pretty bad : but this time I used some pictures of him as references -check them out on his Myspace- and I think it's much better this way.
"Halawa" means "so beautiful" and I think we all agree he deserves it. I know, I know I may sound like a groupie but watch him dance only once and you'll understand, even if you're not into guys you can just be smitten.
If you look closely you can see I drew the braces on his teeth ; nobody ever notices he's got braces, because people usually can't stop staring at everything else. But I really like that he's the proof a guy can wear braces and be incredibly sexy.

"Hated". This morning I was reading a book about Gothic Fantasy Art I got for Christmas -yay, my family rocks !- and the master Brom, in the preface he wrote for it, tried to explain the interest and the purpose of gothic art. I don't think he managed but he said something that caught my attention : "Frankenstein's creature in a garden full of roses". I just LOVE Frankenstein's creature, he's moving, touching, so I had to give it a try.
I'm a huge fan of the original Frankenstein by Mary Shelley - and of Kenneth Brannagh's movie which is, in my opinion, the best adaptation ever because it shows perfectly how the creature is nicer and more human than humans themselves. It shows the cruelty of our race towards different people. And that's honestly the most scary part of this story. What human's darkest side can do.
So you understand I'm definitely on the creature's side. To me he's a nice guy who went bad because he was denied the right to love and be loved. This is why the idea of him in a garden of roses sounded so terribly CUTE to me ! I had to do it ! I decided to go for a "closed" compo, to have a kind of frame, the roses protecting him from the world -though the spines are here to remind us it's not all about happiness and fluff-. I chosed old-school roses, inspired by some classic tattoo designs just because I like them and I didn't want the illustration to look too much like a Harlequin book cover ! :} However, old-school roses are most of time bright red to suggest passion, while these ones will be colored in baby pink with very soft lights and shadows. Because it's cute and yeah you can draw gay porn and have a feminine side, especially when it comes to Frankenstein's creature. This character is my sweet tooth. Oh, this is why of course he looks so sad and desperate on this illustration ! Because, you know, pop culture changed him into a monster, and that's unfair : the monsters are the ones who rejected him !

'Kay, I think I'm starting to mumble like an old lady, and in front of my screen I'm yaaawning so I'm off to bed now ! ^^

mercredi 23 décembre 2009

"If you're going to San-Francisco" & "Chupa, cabron !"

It's a little difficult for me to draw when I'm not home, not only because, even if my family is the most tolerant ever, it's not always easy to draw smut when there are a few people around... I mean you gotta have some concentration to find what's gonna be sexy or not, what's gonna be interesting. But I'm like that I just can't stop drawing. ^^" Anyway I decided to post these linearts because I can't color them here, no Wacom babe !

"If you're going to San Francisco"... a classic but hey you're gonna meet some gentle people here ! I got this idea yesterday, during an interesting talk with my sister. I said that we should go back to the flower power, and that a new hippie decade would be good for all of us, over-stressed people. That we should start by spreading the Free Hugs movement. And so, that I would, as a good capitalist, get a lot of money with the Free Hugs placards I sell in conventions. XD But I also realized I never drawn a hippie guy, which was such a pity : long hair, flowers, peace and love and a good load of "happy ciggies". Now that's what I'd need to relax these days ! ^^ For information, I'd like to make a peace & love sign on the van, as if it was spray painted.

Here come some close-ups because I'm afraid the drawing is a bit dark without colors -plus, this scanner is not my baby so he's a bit picky, I'm not used to it- ! Sorry the line art ain't perfect at all and I hate when the computer ruins my smooth lines.

Flowers, flowers, flowers ! It took me some time to draw all this but it was pretty relaxing -no I wasn't high !-. I loved to make a complicated background, a la Art-Nouveau, behind his simple Jesus-like face. It's gonna be beautiful, and psychedelic, well I hope so, when it will be colored... if it's colored one day, oh my, this bunch of little details scares me ! ^^"

I don't know what he's smoking but it gotta be good ! My mom said he should definitely pass the blunt.

Let's make a jump, thirty years later, a few thousands kilometers away from here... somewhere in some barrio of Honduras, Mexico or Guatemala.

"Chupa, cabron !" Another of those pics I enjoyed to draw because the ideas came up all by themselves. At first I wanted to draw two guys from the Mara Salvatrucha (MS13), one threatening the other. But then I realized it would be interesting to represent the eternal rivality between MS13 and Mara 18. However, it happens the MS13 gangsta is forcing the Dieciochero BUT it doesn't mean I'm supporting one of the two gangs. If you ask my opinion, they both suck ! ^^" So, well, it was more interesting to draw two enemies. I'm not into non-con but for once it was kinda necessary. Because that's the way it is in the gangs and it would be ridiculous to put romantism in such a picture.

I've had the idea of a short porn comic with mareros for a while but I don't know if I would stand to draw all these tattoos several times. These guys... they are oh so not gay ! The paroxysm of the so-called "latin machismo". When I see such homophobics guys I just wanna make a gay porn picture out of it. They claim they aren't fags but they hug tightly and tattoo themselves, stay stucked to their hermanos and have a strange vision of personal space. Which reminds me of a scene in the movie "La Vida Loca", where a few guys are having a party for someone's birthday. They smoke, cigarettes and weed, and they blow smoke in each other's mouth... this was clearly erotic, but they aren't gay in the barrio, mierda ! :}

As for the title, it's a veeery lame wordplay in Spanish, my last Spanish teacher would hate me even more than she used to. ^^" "Chupa, cabron !" means "Suck, fucker !". But it also sounded a bit like 'chupacabra', (the goat sucker) it's an urban legend, a creature that attacked animals in Mexican farms, a kind of vampire that sucked their blood. Booo my humor is getting worse every day !

To the primeros planos !

The devil on his shoulder, his horns on his forehead. Thirteen on his face. Hands making a satanic sign on his chest. Tattoos are supposed to scare, and show his power.

I think this part can be a bit confusing without colors so I wanted to show a close-up, with the gun, the eight on his face is the half of "18". And a fancy haircut just because I like that ! :}

Classic, old-school and terribly not original web on his elbow. At least it shows he endured to be inked in this very sensitive place but that's all. Anyway I like the tattoo on his butt "Puta" means "whore" in Spanish. And with a gothic font it looks quite great.

So... it took me some time to write this post, here are the tunes I listened to during the last hour because you'll agree that music is very important to artists !

Scott McKenzie - San Francisco :
La Vida Loca OST :
Tres Coronas - "Bang Bang" :

And since I probably won't post until there : Merry Christmas ! ^3^

mercredi 16 décembre 2009

Donuts con leche !

I'm leaving to my parent's house in a few days, for the holidays, and I'm enjoying every single second with my dear Photoshop because I will miss it, oh so terribly miss it ! ^^

Long nights spent in the car, waiting for bad guys to show up... the guys found a way to have a good time anyway. I'm not fond of uniforms, not fond of authority (my parents were rebels !) but big US cops with donuts abusing poor consenting young agents... that's kinky enough for me. I think I wanted to draw the donut and the cap, the rest is just "dressing". I have to say that, while designing the older one, he came up looking like Logan's characters, so I tried to escape that influence not to copy his style, but I can't deny a little inspiration anyway.

Wrestling ! I love wrestling ! Actually, just like most of people in the world, I prefer USA wrestling. Gimme Edge, gimme Undertaker, gimme The Rock ! *rawwwr* In USA, for example with WWE, they make real shows, there's something as exciting as cinema, nasty stories, guys cheating on their girlfriends, revenges, bad guys who win... French and Mexican wrestling are a bit too serious for me, it's not funny. But Mexican wrestlers are definitely sexy with their masks, hiding their identities... mysterious guys are hot.
I drew this one to practice a bit anatomy and a different position. I tried to make them look more muscular than usual, more beefy, just like wrestlers. Also, I was happy with the colors but I tried the sepia version and realized I prefered this vintage look, like these old photos of muscle men from the beginning of 20th century.
In Mexican, wrestling is named "lucha libre" which means "free fight", and this scene depicts a very, very free kind of fight, nope ? ^^

dimanche 13 décembre 2009

Metal VS Reggaeton

Whaaatever ! Metal vs Reggaeton ? Come on, they are both great ! :}

That dude wasn't really requested by my sister -who technically hasn't reached the legal age to see this illustration yet-, but she casually said she would like to find some sexy pics of a hairy dude, slightly chubby, pouring beer on his torso. Okay, okay, let's not play with words, he's pouring beer on his cock but it looked better like that, the composition was much more dynamic with the beer splashing on his dick -and hoping I won't sound too pretentious, this is one of my favorites among all the cocks I ever drew (along with this one).
At first I wondered if I was going for a "true evil" one, with a whole pint of beer but it was funnier to use a bottle and cliché tattoos. The title is inspired by Tenacious D's song because coloring this during insomnia, around 6:00 A.M, I needed a good soundtrack. Very inspiring ! ^^

Reggaeton will be represented by my boy Mateo. I don't like to do this but for once I will compare, Mateo a few months ago, in a similar position :

And today's version...

I love to call him my boy, he's my little favorite of the crew. Probably because he's the sluttiest. The position was inspired by a few different pictures but if I could save only one part of this illustration, it would be his feet. In French, the expression "to take your own foot" literally means having an orgasm and this is what I felt drawing those feet. I don't have a foot fetish but I would lick those for hours. I went for a nearly black and white background to contrast with his amber skin. I hadn't drawn the blings and graffiti-styled caps for a while, I missed it a little bit.
The title is "Ready to use" because the condom is already installed, you just have to sit on it ! ;-)

Safe sex, babes, safe sex !!!

vendredi 11 décembre 2009

Mardi Gras in December

Just as yesterday, you see I wasn't lying when I said I was in a chocolate/New Orleans mood. So here we are, another piece I'm really happy with.

It's been a while since I started to think about this picture. I wanted to draw an old jazz man -could have been a blues man with an harmonica but the big golden saxophone was more appealing ^^- and a young black vampire. And here they are. For the oldie I was inspired by some gorgeous black and white portraits of black musicians you can find everywhere on internet -and in my dad's books, I remember being smitten by a man with dark eyes... one of the most powerful photos ever-. It's pretty cool to have a really old character for once and I enjoyed it so you might see some more in the next weeks. Uh, did I say the saxo was more appealing ? HA ! Next time I'll draw an harmonica, silly me ! It'll be easier !
As for mister vampire I went for huge fangs and he chose his haircut himself. Why blond ? Just to make a good contrast and... come on, black guy + blond hair (+ optional fangs) = SEX, or do I need to take some math lessons ? The dude isn't wearing anything, though perhaps he's got something around his knees where we can't see it. You obviously noticed the colored strings of pearls. They are given to girls who accept to flash their boobs during New Orleans Mardi Gras -a thing I find very interesting, if I ever had a chance to be there I would end with a bunch of necklaces ! ^^-. I let you imagine what mister vampire did to get those !

What's the most ironical is that New Orleans is, in foreigner's, and even American's minds, considered as a highly erotic city. While the original town of Orleans in France is known because it's the birthplace of Jeanne d'Arc, a very famous virgin.

jeudi 10 décembre 2009

Don't mess with voodoo...

My dad, who strongly believes in voodoo, would disapprove this drawing, at least a bit -but not too much because I didn't mention D******- anyway, I did it, take it as a late teenage rebellion or something like that. Or just the will to draw mystico-gore stuff and sexy chocolate dudes.

Zombies are fascinating, and here I'm talking about voodoo zombies, "real" zombies, not the Hollywood ones -yeah, yeah, Romero and Jovovich you're both great but this is serious business !-. It's the voodoo (Animism + Catholicism) equivalent of the European (Judaism + Catholicism) myth of golem : the creature. With the medicine explanations it sounds so real and you can't ignore that perhaps, it might be possible ! Not to totally bring someone back to life but to make someone's personality fade until he becomes your thing, and obeys your orders. When you see how some drugs can change people's perception of reality, why wouldn't it be possible ? This is when strikes the mischievous idea that if you can take control of someone, on a sexual plan it can be interesting ! -Fictionally of course !- Anyway... ah, if I'm here babbling about this illustration it's because I'm glad when I make a drawing that kinda, you know, tells a story.

Sure, there are too many clichés in this pic, but I had such a good time doodling the boys then thinking "Oh and what if they were in the grave ? Oh and there would be a dirt heap and a shovel because the witch doctor actually unburied him ! Wait, wait... I'm gonna add the cross to show it was a grave, but a very poor grave so it would be better with a very humble cross made of wood." And I love when my mind is like that, it's just like a drug. Ssso addictive ! *purrrrrs*
You can't really tell where this scene takes place. The witch doctor's nearly African outfit and the very poor cross evoke Jamaica, while the terribly French name suggests it could be New-Orleans. Which makes me think, my next illustration will be two black dudes in New-Orleans but that's another story. In French, "Aimé" means "loved" and now you can see that he's showed some love !
The zombie looks a bit like a Hollywood zombie, but honestly, if he had looked like a "realistic" zombie, it wouldn't have been really gore, nor funny. Idem if the witch doctor had looked like a regular guy. However, the zombie is quite calm, relaxed, submissive and willing to please his master, as zombies should be, he is not some hungry monster who wanna eat his brain.

So, that's all for now, be careful with the guys you play with and sty tuned for more chocolate goodness. I was in a New-Orleans mood these days. ^^

mardi 8 décembre 2009

Back in the game, right in time for Christmas

It's not a secret at all, I'm just coming back from a very, very bad month, I mean artistically speaking. Even though I created, and extended my possibilities, I felt really baaad for weeks because I wasn't able to do what I wanted to do... and that's all the problem of art blocks, you don't manage and you don't even want to do something, etc... AND I finally let it behind me so here I am, all happy in front of my screen. Here we go !

Let me introduce you Santa version 2009. Don't ask me why I always see the young Santas as blond, long haired guys. I like him because he made me come back to my good ol' gay porn illustrations. He was the twist I needed (him, and the fact that I told my tattoo artist about my drawings, that I was doing gay porn and all, and that he found it very interesting, it was terribly refreshing to talk about it with someone who's not from this background but who was very understanding and interested even if he's 100% straight).

I honestly don't know when the idea of drawing a pirate hit me, but I think it was during my art block, so as soon as I felt better and was able to do a little something I laid my hands on him again. I hesitated for the background, the sky and the sea would have been good but I wanted something darker. Ok, ok, the sky and the sea at night would have been darker but here you can see the bad side of the dude, imagine all the ships he sank to get this treasure. Yeah it's kinda bling-bling ! ^^ And he's a redhead because we most of pirates in fantasies are brunettes I don't know why... -probably because ALL of you nasty boys dream about Captain Hook !-

mercredi 2 décembre 2009

It's not unusual to draw unusual stuff !

What's up today ? Well, very different stuff than what I usually post BUT since it's about guys having sex with guys, it's totally appropriated for this blog. :}

First, the super porn star Buck Angel !

I really love him, let's say it, he's The Man. This is why I wanted to make a fanart, you know what it is, when we artists wan to make an "homage"... I thought for him the simpler, the better. I'm not used to draw pussies, especially so exposed, but I'm happy (read : aroused) with the result. Of course, I'm also glad of his face, and his damn tattoos ! (To be honest I'm not fond of his tats, dragons, tribal... not my kind) As for the background, I thought a red and green tartan-like atmosphere would be virile enough and suit his red brows that make him look Scottish.

This one is a commission for (the very generous) Rangarig who wanted an elephant and a dragon -non anthros and cartoon styled-, inflation, some bondage and he didn't care who would be on top. I decided that since usually dragons are bigger, everybody would expect the dragon to top and so, it was more interesting and original to get Mister Elephant to top - Rangarig was okay as long as the dragon didn't look too small and too young-. We both decided to let them have balls even if for the elephant it's not anatomically correct (I have to admit I prefer with just for the balance it gives to the picture), but we removed nipples. And I drew my first dragon peenie... I decided to go traditional, well traditional in a furry way. Because it's stupid to change something that works. :} They both ended super cute doing very naughty stuff. Ah, I'm going to hell for this ! ^^

Stay tuned for Santa Claus... soon !

lundi 23 novembre 2009

Elephants, just to change...

I said a few days ago I loved to draw little cartoon styled hippos when inspiration wasn't here because it's quite easy, entertaining and make a good distraction. However, I since tried elephants and I find them even more interesting, though they are more complicated to draw. But I like the flow you can get in the composition with the big floppy ears and especially the trunk. Hippos are made of three or four circles, but elephants have those circles and the wave shaped trunks and ears.

I wondered for a while if I'd post this one on my "all audiences" gallery but after coloring him I thought he was a little provocative anyway. I'm glad I found a good trick on one of my usual layers to give him these slightly pink ears and cheeks (both cheeks). However I don't know if the red on his ass is the result of a sunburn or a spanking.

For this elephant I decided to use the exact same tricks as the previous one but I have to admit I felt a little uncomfortable ; he really looked too cute, like a cartoon, and really animal too and I felt guilty for making it porny. Fortunately I loved this picture anyway or I might have abandoned it. One side of me is a little uncomfortable, and one side of me loves this huge cock, these soft round balls and the shiny little spotlights. Blah, I'll get over it or get used to it.

Oh and elephant too, but a girl this time, an animated WIP...

samedi 21 novembre 2009

Tonia the falkner

New commission for Dinosaurprince. Tonia is a kind of... whatever-saure (I don't remember, sorry ^^").

I had a crush on Tonia when I first saw him a few weeks ago (I think it's all about the scales ! ^^) and told Dino who was nice enough to commission me. He wanted Tonia in the desert with a kind of Bedouin suit... except it's much sexier. At least he won't have sunburns on his face !

I loved to draw his tail, it's hot, sexy and the scales are really cool. Enjoyed the open boots too, they are quite stylish (and inspired by my very first source of inspiration, those who really know me will undestand... I think we can't forget our first inspirations). I also like the shape of his abs.

But the falconsaurus was the funniest part, I used a falcon as a reference and gave him a prehistoric style ; we could have gone for a pterosaurus but it was more interesting to create a brand new creature. I wonder if it helps him hunt food or sex mates (or both). ^^

vendredi 20 novembre 2009

Primeval hippos

First, a quick doodle I made of Connor Temple, the cutie from Primeval ; no photos refs used, just the show while I was watching it on TV. If you're a Primeval fan, you'll notice it's his season 3 haircut. He looks chubbier than in the show though. It was just a little try. Come on, aren't Abby and him super cute ? I came to really enjoy this show... OK I came to be a tv show girl.

These lil' hippos aren't really smexy but they are a part of my anthro art so I decided to post 'em anyway. When I don't have much inspiration, these babes are great, you just start to doodle three or four circles and then build a cute hippo out of it. This is just a kind of concept, maybe one day I'll do something constructive with them.

jeudi 19 novembre 2009

Criminal Minds for a clever girl

Aww sorry I don't post that much, neither here or on the Y!, but everytime I come back from conventions I have this kind of art block... I drew like a bitch for three days, with straight deadlines (like... uh twenty minutes to half-an-hour ?) and so coming back home and not having big projects to focus on led me to this kinda art block. Of course I've had things on my mind, a commish for Dinosaurprince for example, that I shall post tomorrow if everything's okay, and some projects for Christmas... anyway !

Tomorrow my best friend is having an important day and I wanted to give her a little support with these two fanarts of the show Criminal Minds.

Here you have the sexy chocolate Derek Morgan and the über-sexy geeky Spencer Reid.

In my style, which make them cartoony-looking. I hope I got the main characteristics of the boys... honestly they were very difficult to "catch", especially Spencer whose face is too special. He doesn't look at all like the twinks I usually draw, he's got one of the widest smiles I've ever seen... Derek is just an average gorgeous black guy so I think it was relevant to my skills. ^_~

And for those who prefer "real men", we have the 'omg-poor-baby' Aaron Hotchner and the 'old-but-not-cold' Dave Rossi.

As you know, typically not the kind of guys I'm used to draw... I tried to get their faces (but keeping my style because portraits are so not my thing !), especially Hotch's frowning and his half-smile ; if you watch the show you'll understand why it's worthy *pinches Aaron's cheek*. I'm just terribly disappointed because of their size difference... they weren't really supposed to be standing next to each other, they were just chillin, having a comfortable moment. Well let's say you KNOW Dave is sitting on a chair or I'll make seppuku, 'kay ?

Anyway I'm happy with these two pieces first because except for Dino I haven't been able to draw something decent for two long weeks, then because since I've started to watch the show one month ago I haven't managed to make a single fanart and it was getting terribly frustrating. >< Thanks to the boys, they finally been obedient and just for the right occasion. Hoping these two pictures will help her to have a good day tomorrow ! ^_^

vendredi 6 novembre 2009

Chibi commission

Last week I was at a manga convention in Paris ; on my booth, while selling my Usagi Kira goodies, I was making quick commissions. The most popular commissions were the "You as chibi" offers, I drew 57 people as chibis during the week-end.

This guy, Marc, went to get his chibi (watercolored if I remember well) and came back the day after, just to ask if I could draw a new one with a better contrast to put on his business card. I honestly told him it was pretty hard to have a good contrast with watercolor, well, not enough to be printed on a business card, so I suggested him to do it on Photoshop ; he agreed and here we are ! He still has to give his approbation but here's the first try.

mardi 27 octobre 2009

What's this ?

Uh, uh it might be a comic page but I might be wrong. I don't want to post the progress, I don't want to show too much hints until this short story is done but it's gonna be the very first time for Javier and Ka'eo with real panels and bubbles and all so we're both excited ; here's the sketch of page 2. You'll notice Ka'eo's new style with shorter hair and stubble ; and you can't see it here but I totally re-designed his tattoos, they're a pain in the ass. I'm not ready to make a comic about mareros... (well I say that but I'm having such ideas since last week... >< if I did it, it could be awesome, dangerous but awesome !)

Anyway, on to the sketchy-smut !

mercredi 21 octobre 2009

Siente el fuego, las reglas del juego la pongo yo !

I wanted to keep this drawing for later but I just can't stand to stay for so long without posting completed illustrations, it's frustrating so I'm sacrificing this one. I suppose this one will remain an exclusive of my website and of this blog, because of Chabela's presence on the left, she's a girl, she can't be on Y!Gallery. Or maybe in the Extras, I'll see. I'll wait before posting this on my website too, I might change a few things but I'm not sure.

It's the first picture I make with all the members of the crew. Some of them are a bit out of character but it had to be sexy ! I love how their bodies came out. Big-E (#2 on the left) has a perfect round ass in my humble opinion, but Kae'o's belly is cool too (#5). Plus, notice he's got shorter hair than before and this stubble suits him, he looks more like a boy and I prefer this version. I like Javier's uncut cock and his muscular stomach (#4). Jesus and Felix are cheeky and funny. But my favorite is Mateo (#3) for sure, I don't know what happened between my hand, the pencil and his body but I like the result more than what I expected. (I probably have affinities with him because he's the slut of the hood ^^).

I also made a sepia version, I can't seem to decide which one I prefer... what do you think ? And which boy is your favorite ?

Btw, they are Cuban, Dominican and Puertorican wannabe gangstas, not real dudes with real problems, but it makes me think tomorrow I'm going to see the movie Sin Nombre. Hope it's gonna be a good one.

lundi 19 octobre 2009

Happy Birthday to me !

It's my birthday and I do what I want so here's a little present to myself. My boy Javier, a character I created about nearly one year ago. I don't draw him much these days (well yes I do but I don't post it, it's a sort of surprise...) and I wanted to gift me so here he is.

I decided to go for this simple style first because it was supposed to be a quickie, a little sketch, nothing too complicated, and because yesterday for my b-day my lil sister bought me Anthony Gonzales' fantastic book "Bronx Boyz", the kind of book that make you think "Damn ! But the proportions are not always ok, the hands are sometimes a little weird and it's only about color pencils on brown paper bag but these illustrations are so tight, so intense... !". You don't need the damn Photoshop to do something efficient.

Unfortunately, I'm not that good so I used the damn' Toshop but this papi was quite obedient and so here's my own little present. *licks the cum on his ass*

jeudi 15 octobre 2009

Shower games

Another commission for Dinosaurprince (I know, I know, again... but what I draw for myself now, I can't post it yet). The first time I draw his new character, Zainer Nova, half-grey, half-human. The pose was one of those I suggested for our first piece with Otnorot (the blue one). But instead of Space Cadet, this time I drew Zainer. I didn't have much inspiration for the background, since it's a basic bathroom but Dino suggested some Space Invaders references, and I immediately went for it because I just came out of the hairdresser and guess what ? My hair salon, Space Inv'headers, is decorated with a bunch of Space Invaders, pop-licious and geeky objects ! I was glad to create one more time a very colored universe, I love funky sci-fi.

mercredi 14 octobre 2009

If you like an animal... (adopt a troll)

I have to say for a long time I wasn't interested in anthros and furries at all. Because when you say anthro on the internet, it's mostly related to furry fandom, it's often about cats and dogs, or close felines and canids and it looks like basic bestiality. I was blocked by the fact you don't see that much original creations, so I didn't feel like trying to create. Until this summer, when I re-read the wonderful comic Blacksad...

The first anthro I drew this summer (I mean I have drawn many animals and humans before but this one was done in an anthro mood), though I'm gonna make another post just for the Jungle Babe drawings. But I post GD here (Gorilla Dude) because I love his round face, I'm glad I managed to make him look so nice. A bit naughty but nice and gorilla-looking at the same time.

What I noticed reading Blacksad was that animals are fascinating and you recognize good anthros when there are in the same time the unique characteristics of the animal and the interesting expressivity of humans. So I decided to draw an anthro I didn't see in Blacksad and it wasn't easy because I think Guarnido drew nearly all of the animals that exist. Camel was a very good practice.

I'm not a boy but I imagine it's something you would all enjoy, to make bubbles in the bath with your cock, right ?

Camel-boy is back ! And he's exhausted. I think this would be a sadistic exercise to ask a young animator to draw an anthro camel running.

Cartoony beefcakes ! Or hippocake and rhinocake, sort of... I wanted them round and tiny as if they could fit in my pocket.

These tiny dudes are sooo expressive ! I love to work with them, they make me practice body language. Especially the tiny hippo ears wiggling.

Finally, don't ask anyone if they think about uncommon animals, or you might end up with "angler fish" or "monk fish" ! But it was a cool challenge, I loved to make them look nice while they are considered as ugly fishes. ^^

mardi 13 octobre 2009

Dinosaur Prince's Kingdom

Could I really join this community and not make a post about my commissions and collabs with Dinosaur Prince ?

He's well known on Y!Gallery and appreciated for two reasons : he created his own universe full of funny and sexy characters with unique features and he supported the community, the artists, commissioning them and showing he loved their work. BUT I don't wanna lick his ass (as we say in French ^^") it's just to explain briefly the situation. And after all, he talks about us on his blog with such kind words, he deserves it.

However, here are the few commissions I did for him.

Our first time together, a few months ago. There were a lot of misunderstandings, mostly because of language. Let's say I usually understand English but when it's about hybrids of humans and prehistoric creatures the vocabulary get a little too complicated. Plus, Dinosaur Prince thought I was from Caribbean and didn't have no clue I was French which led to a strange situation. We eventually understood each other and I'm still very happy with this picture.

Capcom fanart from a game I've never played and honestly I've never heard about before this commission. The most difficult in the making of this illustration was the lack of references. You can't find good high-res pics of Rikuo and Donovan. In the end, what I absolutely loved doing was Donovan's suit. These primary blue and red parts have something childish, something terribly "video game" that I love.

Every time I look at this picture I wonder how Dino came up with this impossible cross-over. I think he surprised everyone with it ! Being a big Little Prince hater... (well not a hater but I just can't stand the book the teachers tried to force me to read when I was a kid, while I was reading more interesting and complex books) I'm glad because I don't want to punch my version of him in the face. But I don't really like my Space Cadet. Could have done much better. :/

Prehistoric boys again ! This was one of the pictures that drew itself on the paper. Seriously, I tried a few positions until this one came up and I crossed my fingers, hoping Dino would like it because I loved it. Fortunately, he enjoyed as much as I did Dimata's huge smile and Romer's athletic pose. And being myself a fan of uncut, let's say I really had a good time drawing the mammoth's trunk. ^__~

Space Cadet again and Dino's original alien Otnorot. As everyone noticed, I had a lot of fun drawing these two, you can see I spent a lot of time on the background. Everytime I was adding a little spotlight in the ship I was like "Oh no, another detail to color !". Don't say it too loud but there is still something that annoys me a little with my Space Cadet. I don't tame the character. One day I'll manage and be satisfied !

This one was not a commission but my entry for a contest by Dinosaur Prince, so it had to be in this post ; after all, the ideas of prehistoric creatures often come from the same person's mind in this fandom ! I didn't win the contest but I enjoy this illustration so this is some kind of victory, after all.

I'm on Blogspot ? Dammit !

Mic' check... one, two...

Hey there babes, I still don't know why I'm doing this, because I already have like a thousand blogs here and there but I love gay art, I want to keep on drawing gay pOr... art, I mean art and Blogspot is THE place to be for that kind of art so...

I am Gâ-L, a French freelance artist, but you might know me as Caravaggia on many websites (Y!Gallery, DeviantArt, Furaffinity). But that's not the most important, you can call me whatever you like as long as you recognize my boys !

At first I'll post some oldies of course, maybe with comments on the pictures, their stories... but first of all, let's try to understand how this blogger thing works...

XO _ Gâ-L