mardi 13 octobre 2009

Dinosaur Prince's Kingdom

Could I really join this community and not make a post about my commissions and collabs with Dinosaur Prince ?

He's well known on Y!Gallery and appreciated for two reasons : he created his own universe full of funny and sexy characters with unique features and he supported the community, the artists, commissioning them and showing he loved their work. BUT I don't wanna lick his ass (as we say in French ^^") it's just to explain briefly the situation. And after all, he talks about us on his blog with such kind words, he deserves it.

However, here are the few commissions I did for him.

Our first time together, a few months ago. There were a lot of misunderstandings, mostly because of language. Let's say I usually understand English but when it's about hybrids of humans and prehistoric creatures the vocabulary get a little too complicated. Plus, Dinosaur Prince thought I was from Caribbean and didn't have no clue I was French which led to a strange situation. We eventually understood each other and I'm still very happy with this picture.

Capcom fanart from a game I've never played and honestly I've never heard about before this commission. The most difficult in the making of this illustration was the lack of references. You can't find good high-res pics of Rikuo and Donovan. In the end, what I absolutely loved doing was Donovan's suit. These primary blue and red parts have something childish, something terribly "video game" that I love.

Every time I look at this picture I wonder how Dino came up with this impossible cross-over. I think he surprised everyone with it ! Being a big Little Prince hater... (well not a hater but I just can't stand the book the teachers tried to force me to read when I was a kid, while I was reading more interesting and complex books) I'm glad because I don't want to punch my version of him in the face. But I don't really like my Space Cadet. Could have done much better. :/

Prehistoric boys again ! This was one of the pictures that drew itself on the paper. Seriously, I tried a few positions until this one came up and I crossed my fingers, hoping Dino would like it because I loved it. Fortunately, he enjoyed as much as I did Dimata's huge smile and Romer's athletic pose. And being myself a fan of uncut, let's say I really had a good time drawing the mammoth's trunk. ^__~

Space Cadet again and Dino's original alien Otnorot. As everyone noticed, I had a lot of fun drawing these two, you can see I spent a lot of time on the background. Everytime I was adding a little spotlight in the ship I was like "Oh no, another detail to color !". Don't say it too loud but there is still something that annoys me a little with my Space Cadet. I don't tame the character. One day I'll manage and be satisfied !

This one was not a commission but my entry for a contest by Dinosaur Prince, so it had to be in this post ; after all, the ideas of prehistoric creatures often come from the same person's mind in this fandom ! I didn't win the contest but I enjoy this illustration so this is some kind of victory, after all.

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