mardi 25 juin 2013

Minotaur's wood

Here's a new commission for Atraius, his naughty-self having fun with one of his original characters, a big hunky minotaur.
At first I was a bit impressed with the whole minotaur thing because they usually have a rough appearance, they're tough animals. They are bulls, not puppies! But when he showed me the references, I had to admit he was more on the cartoony side, much cuter than what I thought. So I got inspired by... oh I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, I was inspired by the character design of this Laughing Cow commercial.
I had fun with the colors, don't ask me why the mountains are purple/pink, I thought a sunrise atmosphere could be nice.
Who has never dreamed to ride a bull first thing in the morning after all? I must say I'm temped now... ;)

dimanche 23 juin 2013

Shik, shak, shok...

This is not the first time Odie commissions me and I must say his characters are always a pleasure to draw. Is that because we have the same taste in men, virtual men at least?

I must say I was glad to draw a belly dancer because we don't give enough credit to male belly dancers -here, just because you're sweet here's my favorite one, Sultan ; a great guy, super sexy and his happiness when he dances shows how much he loves his passion-

Of course the most challenging part of drawing a belly dancer is to avoid to stereotypical postures and find an interesting way to twist his anatomy to show his efforts. I tried to show the torsion of his back, the torso's movements are the most fascinating in my opinion.

Now it's time to dance, put on your favorite Nancy Ajram album and here we go!