mardi 25 juin 2013

Minotaur's wood

Here's a new commission for Atraius, his naughty-self having fun with one of his original characters, a big hunky minotaur.
At first I was a bit impressed with the whole minotaur thing because they usually have a rough appearance, they're tough animals. They are bulls, not puppies! But when he showed me the references, I had to admit he was more on the cartoony side, much cuter than what I thought. So I got inspired by... oh I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, I was inspired by the character design of this Laughing Cow commercial.
I had fun with the colors, don't ask me why the mountains are purple/pink, I thought a sunrise atmosphere could be nice.
Who has never dreamed to ride a bull first thing in the morning after all? I must say I'm temped now... ;)

1 commentaire:

  1. This is really cool! Love the steamy atmosphere the foggy air in the mountains makes! :D