lundi 19 décembre 2011

The Walking Dead !

If you know Dinosaur Prince and me a little bit, you know one of our guilty pleasures since last year is the TV show The Walking Dead ; with the winter hiatus (and after what we SAW at the end of the last episode) we needed some compensation for the frustration and Matthew commissioned me to draw an illustration of Rick and Shane in a risky situation.  

We wondered for a second if Shane would have his normal fluffy hair or his shaved head (which would have made him more recognizable) but when he shaved his hair, he kinda symbolized the loss of his humanity and started acting like a real bastard so fluffy hair was more logical if he was supposed to actually help Rick. Matthew decided to change the position of Shane's arm so we could see his tasty abs and chest. ^^ The flower in the zombie's head comes from an illustration created by Fallen Angel (and I think we can guess the "Plants Vs. Zombies" influence here !).

Then I tried something a little different for the lineart, kind of an homage to the good old black and white spooky comics like Tales From The Crypt... just because I know The Walking Dead was a comic book before a TV show and even if I've never read it, I guess it's one hell of a creepy comic book ! ^^ 


However I have to admit it was completely different from what I usually draw and Matthew was disappointed because he obviously expected something more "cute" and "cartoon", in my usual style. He didn't think I'd draw such a dark picture and while I decided to try to match the zombie apocalypse atmosphere, he expected a contrast between my light and cute artwork and The Walking Dead's horror.

So here's a second version of the scene, freed from all of the black areas, in a style that is more "traditional" for me. It's a lighter atmosphere and it brings more hope (and Shane's cock is really nice, don't you think ?).

Still, we decided to show both versions because it was interesting to see the creative process and the decisions that were made for these illustrations. ^^

mardi 13 décembre 2011

Chocolate, vanilla and... fish ?

You barely see it on this blog but today, for something a bit different, here are a bunch of sketch commissions I did for the same lovely cetacean Jyan ! But for once, you can stay if you don't like vaginas because it's a 100% boy on boy action post.

Starting with a hunky spotted dolphin and a (naturally accurate) chubby beluga. It was pretty tricky to put a dolphin's head on a human body, especially a muscular one... well ok, with cetacean anthros adding shoulders to a normally hydrodynamic frame is the ultimate difficulty. But Mr.Dolphin doesn't seem to mind, just like Mr.Beluga. 

So it seems they decided to go further. Underwater 69, perhaps I would try if I could breathe in the sea ! ^^ Got inspired by the yin and yang symbol to make a circular composition and show some complementarity in their bodies.

Sucking a bit harder because after all, better enjoy all the possibilities of anthro bodies, right ?

Finally I reduced a bit the beluga's man boobs because it felt a little bit weird (I liked them though ! :p).

And last but not least, Jyan made me give a try at drawing his character Vanilla and his best friend's, Chocolate, two sweet orcas who are complementary with their shapes and colors.

Seeing their names and kind of naughty bromance relationship I went for something very cute but suggestive, so they're sharing an ice cream -look at these little tongues out ! ^^-. Chocolate/vanilla ice-cream of course !

Don't they look lovely ? They deserve a sunset in the background. And Vanilla, as you can see, has got inverted colors... aren't they gonna be cute when colored ?

samedi 10 décembre 2011

Rohan and Gondor unite

As I told you last time with my Aragorn/Sam fan art, I'm in a Lord Of The Rings mood these days. Perhaps I just need heroic fantasy, or I want to slice some throats, who knows ? I simply know that these books/movies are full of hot boys and that's enough for me.

One of my many OTPs of this fandom is Eomer/Faramir (next to Legolas/Gimli). Seriously, they're too hot together ! Blonde rider and shy redhead with daddy issues, that sounds so cliché, so sweet my teeth hurt. However, every occasion is good to make a gay illustration.

I pleased myself very much with Eomer's face... no I didn't *actually* please myself but at some point I seriously wondered if I'd do it. Even though the orgasmic sensation of drawing something better than you expected is much stronger and intense than sex. They both look younger than in the movies but who really cares ? I could have given Faramir real abs but when after the first sketch his belly looked like this, a bit like those of classic teenager statues and Greek heroes, I couldn't draw myself to change it. It seems soft and sweet : and I like it.

I wondered what kind of background I would do but the more efficient, my favorite kind, was this mixed-media style I recently experimented ; first I draw the landscape on watercolor paper and slightly mark the lights and shadows with grey tones. Then I scan it and color it on Photoshop while keeping the texture of the paper and painting. It soften the cold digital coloring and gives it a nice and melancholic traditional touch.

Finally, mix both pictures, play a bit with contrast, colors, levels and all this sh*t and get...


mercredi 7 décembre 2011

Orca and Nursehound - Underwater

Oh well, Blogger changed his system, you can see Google's damned influence ! >< Sorry if this post doesn't look great, I'll try my best to get used to the new interface.

So, here's a new commission I did for Jyan, I think you recognized the atmosphere. Still, our naughty orca and his nursehound girlfriend going at it under the moonlight -and underwater by the way. Some of you might think "What ? Straight furs again ?" but don't worry, a batch of gay sketches are on their way ! ;)  

In case you were wondering what's going to happen, we decided to fully enjoy every step of the game with small inside views of the action. Seems like Miss is in a playful mood today. I had fun drawing her curves in this position, I imagine she's very flexible.  

Arranging some anatomy details because the orca's neck didn't look really right. Then, we reduced a little bit the size of his head and added some lines next to her to she she's moving closer to him.

Can't believe before that step I forgot the huge fin on the orca's back ! >< I was so focused on (and pleased by) his muscular back that I forgot such an important detail. Fortunately, even if it hid a bit of his back we still can enjoy the view of his butt.

As you can tell I'm not used to drawing inside views, especially not straight but it's fun... and in the end the pink of their flesh add a really nice colored touch, it naturally made a nice balance with the overall blue atmosphere. Makes you wanna sing "Can you feel the love tonight ?", right ? ^^