lundi 23 novembre 2009

Elephants, just to change...

I said a few days ago I loved to draw little cartoon styled hippos when inspiration wasn't here because it's quite easy, entertaining and make a good distraction. However, I since tried elephants and I find them even more interesting, though they are more complicated to draw. But I like the flow you can get in the composition with the big floppy ears and especially the trunk. Hippos are made of three or four circles, but elephants have those circles and the wave shaped trunks and ears.

I wondered for a while if I'd post this one on my "all audiences" gallery but after coloring him I thought he was a little provocative anyway. I'm glad I found a good trick on one of my usual layers to give him these slightly pink ears and cheeks (both cheeks). However I don't know if the red on his ass is the result of a sunburn or a spanking.

For this elephant I decided to use the exact same tricks as the previous one but I have to admit I felt a little uncomfortable ; he really looked too cute, like a cartoon, and really animal too and I felt guilty for making it porny. Fortunately I loved this picture anyway or I might have abandoned it. One side of me is a little uncomfortable, and one side of me loves this huge cock, these soft round balls and the shiny little spotlights. Blah, I'll get over it or get used to it.

Oh and elephant too, but a girl this time, an animated WIP...

samedi 21 novembre 2009

Tonia the falkner

New commission for Dinosaurprince. Tonia is a kind of... whatever-saure (I don't remember, sorry ^^").

I had a crush on Tonia when I first saw him a few weeks ago (I think it's all about the scales ! ^^) and told Dino who was nice enough to commission me. He wanted Tonia in the desert with a kind of Bedouin suit... except it's much sexier. At least he won't have sunburns on his face !

I loved to draw his tail, it's hot, sexy and the scales are really cool. Enjoyed the open boots too, they are quite stylish (and inspired by my very first source of inspiration, those who really know me will undestand... I think we can't forget our first inspirations). I also like the shape of his abs.

But the falconsaurus was the funniest part, I used a falcon as a reference and gave him a prehistoric style ; we could have gone for a pterosaurus but it was more interesting to create a brand new creature. I wonder if it helps him hunt food or sex mates (or both). ^^

vendredi 20 novembre 2009

Primeval hippos

First, a quick doodle I made of Connor Temple, the cutie from Primeval ; no photos refs used, just the show while I was watching it on TV. If you're a Primeval fan, you'll notice it's his season 3 haircut. He looks chubbier than in the show though. It was just a little try. Come on, aren't Abby and him super cute ? I came to really enjoy this show... OK I came to be a tv show girl.

These lil' hippos aren't really smexy but they are a part of my anthro art so I decided to post 'em anyway. When I don't have much inspiration, these babes are great, you just start to doodle three or four circles and then build a cute hippo out of it. This is just a kind of concept, maybe one day I'll do something constructive with them.

jeudi 19 novembre 2009

Criminal Minds for a clever girl

Aww sorry I don't post that much, neither here or on the Y!, but everytime I come back from conventions I have this kind of art block... I drew like a bitch for three days, with straight deadlines (like... uh twenty minutes to half-an-hour ?) and so coming back home and not having big projects to focus on led me to this kinda art block. Of course I've had things on my mind, a commish for Dinosaurprince for example, that I shall post tomorrow if everything's okay, and some projects for Christmas... anyway !

Tomorrow my best friend is having an important day and I wanted to give her a little support with these two fanarts of the show Criminal Minds.

Here you have the sexy chocolate Derek Morgan and the über-sexy geeky Spencer Reid.

In my style, which make them cartoony-looking. I hope I got the main characteristics of the boys... honestly they were very difficult to "catch", especially Spencer whose face is too special. He doesn't look at all like the twinks I usually draw, he's got one of the widest smiles I've ever seen... Derek is just an average gorgeous black guy so I think it was relevant to my skills. ^_~

And for those who prefer "real men", we have the 'omg-poor-baby' Aaron Hotchner and the 'old-but-not-cold' Dave Rossi.

As you know, typically not the kind of guys I'm used to draw... I tried to get their faces (but keeping my style because portraits are so not my thing !), especially Hotch's frowning and his half-smile ; if you watch the show you'll understand why it's worthy *pinches Aaron's cheek*. I'm just terribly disappointed because of their size difference... they weren't really supposed to be standing next to each other, they were just chillin, having a comfortable moment. Well let's say you KNOW Dave is sitting on a chair or I'll make seppuku, 'kay ?

Anyway I'm happy with these two pieces first because except for Dino I haven't been able to draw something decent for two long weeks, then because since I've started to watch the show one month ago I haven't managed to make a single fanart and it was getting terribly frustrating. >< Thanks to the boys, they finally been obedient and just for the right occasion. Hoping these two pictures will help her to have a good day tomorrow ! ^_^

vendredi 6 novembre 2009

Chibi commission

Last week I was at a manga convention in Paris ; on my booth, while selling my Usagi Kira goodies, I was making quick commissions. The most popular commissions were the "You as chibi" offers, I drew 57 people as chibis during the week-end.

This guy, Marc, went to get his chibi (watercolored if I remember well) and came back the day after, just to ask if I could draw a new one with a better contrast to put on his business card. I honestly told him it was pretty hard to have a good contrast with watercolor, well, not enough to be printed on a business card, so I suggested him to do it on Photoshop ; he agreed and here we are ! He still has to give his approbation but here's the first try.