jeudi 19 novembre 2009

Criminal Minds for a clever girl

Aww sorry I don't post that much, neither here or on the Y!, but everytime I come back from conventions I have this kind of art block... I drew like a bitch for three days, with straight deadlines (like... uh twenty minutes to half-an-hour ?) and so coming back home and not having big projects to focus on led me to this kinda art block. Of course I've had things on my mind, a commish for Dinosaurprince for example, that I shall post tomorrow if everything's okay, and some projects for Christmas... anyway !

Tomorrow my best friend is having an important day and I wanted to give her a little support with these two fanarts of the show Criminal Minds.

Here you have the sexy chocolate Derek Morgan and the über-sexy geeky Spencer Reid.

In my style, which make them cartoony-looking. I hope I got the main characteristics of the boys... honestly they were very difficult to "catch", especially Spencer whose face is too special. He doesn't look at all like the twinks I usually draw, he's got one of the widest smiles I've ever seen... Derek is just an average gorgeous black guy so I think it was relevant to my skills. ^_~

And for those who prefer "real men", we have the 'omg-poor-baby' Aaron Hotchner and the 'old-but-not-cold' Dave Rossi.

As you know, typically not the kind of guys I'm used to draw... I tried to get their faces (but keeping my style because portraits are so not my thing !), especially Hotch's frowning and his half-smile ; if you watch the show you'll understand why it's worthy *pinches Aaron's cheek*. I'm just terribly disappointed because of their size difference... they weren't really supposed to be standing next to each other, they were just chillin, having a comfortable moment. Well let's say you KNOW Dave is sitting on a chair or I'll make seppuku, 'kay ?

Anyway I'm happy with these two pieces first because except for Dino I haven't been able to draw something decent for two long weeks, then because since I've started to watch the show one month ago I haven't managed to make a single fanart and it was getting terribly frustrating. >< Thanks to the boys, they finally been obedient and just for the right occasion. Hoping these two pictures will help her to have a good day tomorrow ! ^_^

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