mardi 19 avril 2011

Zebra centaurs rule...

Zebra centaurs rule, I always knew it. Black zebra centaurs even more. But add a white mohawk and it's like one of my greatest fantasies ever ! As I said to Dinosaurprince when he told me his project, I may sound like a real ass-licker but I LOOOVE it ! (And the cute zebra unicorn ain't bad either !)

Well, yeah I totally got inspired by the Lion King for the background. No shame !

vendredi 8 avril 2011

You do vector art now ?

Well no, it's complete cheating actually but I like these results ! My first try at fake-vector boys was a bear -because it's been too long since I've drawn bears !- gladiator -blame Spartacus : God of the Arena for this...-.

Then a demon, of course. It's been a while too.

Two results, I don't know which one I prefer... I just can't decide but it's definitely a set of techniques I need to explore.

Centaurs anyone ?

Due to some recent events I seriously have to reconsider this blog, well... no I just HAVE to post something on the damn' blog even though it's obvious that everybody left this place a long time ago. ^^" But I gotta show I didn't stop drawing porn, I know some people are interested ! *lol*

Anyways I just don't have time to babble too much so I'll post WIPs and sketches that show the "behind the scene" versions of my illustrations. And we start with another cool commission for Dinosaurprince, two centaurs saying hi -and a little elf slave-.

Greek temples for the win, uh ? ^__~