dimanche 13 octobre 2013


I recently told you with my "Fall" picture that I missed drawing bears and needed to add more bears to my catalogue. Well, here's a new one, coupled to one of my favorite kind of universes: cyberpunk. I loosely based the first sketch on a picture of a bear I had in my folders but it turned out like a futuristic version of my boyfriend... woops!
 There is no law that forbids bears from wearing the same ridiculously sexual skin tight suits as women and sci-fi twinks, right? And if there's one well... I'm breaking it with pleasure! As you can guess from the island in a bubble and the little "cable car", this is a possible future San Francisco. With several planets in the background.
As I kept repeating myself during the process, this is a pure coincidence, and indeed it is but I can't believe how much he looks like my boyfriend. My subconscious is trying to tell me something... but what?

lundi 7 octobre 2013

Young Saint Men

I've always been fond of religious iconography -from everywhere around the world, not just Judeo-Christian-, which is kind of an obligation when you love Art History. Art and religion have always been connected in many, many ways. This is why I'm a huge fan of the manga Young Saint Men. I'm serious if you've never read it, just try it! It's funny, it's clever, full of smart references, you can learn a lot about Buddhist myths and Christian symbolics, it's hilarious and definitely witty. I love it!
This is the story of Jesus and Buddha who, after working so hard for mankind, decided to go on vacation... in Japan obviously. The two adorable guys discover many wonderful things on Earth like blogs, online games and the internet, 100 yen stores and Japanese customs.
 Buddha always makes custom t-shirts for them. On Buddha's is written in katakana "Siddhartâ" and on Jesus is a fish and a bread multiplied. Yes, that's on the manga, that's their kind of humor.
 -Pssst I prefer fat buddha but that's not how he is in the manga...-
Woops, Jesus really has the same hair as Debra Morgan from the tv show Dexter. And as my sister too, actually... X)

The final collage looks terribly shôjo, on the verge of yaoi but heh, not my fault if Jesus' crown blooms when he's happy!

samedi 28 septembre 2013

"I've watched you while you fucked..."

It's hard being a fangirl, you guys have no idea... oh, yes, you know it! ^^
I must confess even if I've done plenty of MCU fanarts, I'm especially fond of Phil Coulson and his visible crush on Captain America. 
So here's a silly doodle/fake poster for a pornstar AU, related to a fanfiction. Because I can.

mardi 24 septembre 2013

Marvel, zombies and candy cane.

I don't know about you but I think what the Marvel fanbase did of agent Coulson is pretty badass. He became an important character, so important that he came back from the dead. And I'm sooo excited about the new TV show, I trust Joss Whedon to do something awesome!
Based on a silly joke, here's a page of Coulson and Black Widow fighting against zombies without a single weapon except... a candy cane.
Can you guess I'm excited for the new Walking Dead season? I don't even know why, I guess I'm just excited for the first, the last episode of the season and everything Daryl and Michone do in between. Nothing more. XD

vendredi 20 septembre 2013

Dale Lazarov's Homoerotic Epic Kiss Pin-Up Challenge

As the title says, I tried my hands at Dale Lazarov's last challenge and I must admit it was fun. I should do his challenges more often, mostly because Dale likes diversity and encourages variety of ethnicities, body types and characteristics in his challenges.
We don't see much kissing on this picture but I wanted to focus on the situation and make it epic. I first thought about ancient Greeks and other great civilisations that created epic myths but eventually, the idea of referencing French history was tempting, so I picked a French soldier from Middle Age and a Sarracen soldier ; many extreme-right conservative assholes like to remember the day the king Charles Martel stopped Arabic armies in the town of Poitiers as an excuse for they blatant racism.

 Well, with this drawing I claim full reconciliation between people of good will! ;)

mardi 17 septembre 2013

A mercenary like no other...

I wanted to doodle an heroic fantasy pinup to work on the background -and a special atmosphere I had in mind- but make him slightly different. Princes have never done the trick for me, magicians can be sexy but the pirate from overseas? Always a good option!
 This pirate/mercenary/middle-age bad boy is, as you can guess from the scars on his chest, a transgender dude. If you think it doesn't make sense in a med-fantasy context, just think about the dog with wings and a dragon tail. Even more impossible, right? -Fact: the background is inspired by a few pictures of the most famous medieval city in France, Carcassone.-

lundi 16 septembre 2013

The Mighty Fall

I am not one of these crazy Fall fanatics -sorry if you are one, I totally respect that! ;)- yet I have to admit there are good things in this season. The Halloween mood that my online buddies bring me more than real life. The weather finally, finally cooling down after one hell of a Southern France summer and the occasion to wear other kinds of clothes. Oh, and of course, my birthday in October, hehee...
I thought I hadn't drawn bears for a while, an horrible faux-pas I had to correct, and went for a cosy chub' in a cosy bedroom. Look at this ugly sweater, doesn't it look comfy?
Of course, there wouldn't be fall without a warm atmosphere, complementary colors and a sky in fire... the boy in this image seems more in the mood for cuddles than sexy times but who knows? It might change if you join him. ^__~

vendredi 6 septembre 2013

There steamed a steamy demon...

It is no spoiler that I love demons and steampunk. It was just a matter of time before I mixed my two passions into a sexy illustration, right?
Actually, I'm not the first one to merge these two elements, remember the Hellboy movies? Guillermo del Toro did an amazing job creating a creepy and fantastic universe. Of course my demon is not as beefy as Hellboy.
 I thought about steam, about saunas and steam baths and thought about some kind of steam shower. Got inspired by all these commercials on TV where women take showers like they're having orgasms -when honestly, me having a shower = a potato under the faucet y'know-.

dimanche 1 septembre 2013

Jesus' temptation

I am not going to go on a full religious debate to tell you all the "good" things I think about it, you probably wouldn't like what I have to say, but as an art history geek I've always been fond of the Bible -just like Marylin Manson said, I love it as a piece of fiction, just like the Lord of the Rings but more immoral-. The iconography of the New Testament can be very interesting on many levels... eyup, even that level, under the belt you know.
I decided to fool around with the theme of the Christ' temptation. They said it was about food and water but eh, why not something else after all?

I know some people might complain that this is blasphemy but at least my Jesus isn't white-washed like almost every Jesus drawn in history, so... shhh! ;)

Edit: Got bad comments on Yaoi Gallery for implying that Jesus wanted to be tempted. They found it offensive. Do they realize that Yaoi Gallery isn't really Bible compatible? ^^

lundi 26 août 2013

Happy Birthday Patrick!

It's that time of the year again, this summer was kinda tough for me and I've been busy with a couple of illustrations for the Class Comics Summer Meaty -that you all should get because it'll make your summer even better, just sayin'...- so I could just doodle a quick pinup for Patrick Fillion's 40th birthday!
Happy birthday dear, hope you're having a fun one and that you'll be spoiled! ^^ 

mardi 25 juin 2013

Minotaur's wood

Here's a new commission for Atraius, his naughty-self having fun with one of his original characters, a big hunky minotaur.
At first I was a bit impressed with the whole minotaur thing because they usually have a rough appearance, they're tough animals. They are bulls, not puppies! But when he showed me the references, I had to admit he was more on the cartoony side, much cuter than what I thought. So I got inspired by... oh I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, I was inspired by the character design of this Laughing Cow commercial.
I had fun with the colors, don't ask me why the mountains are purple/pink, I thought a sunrise atmosphere could be nice.
Who has never dreamed to ride a bull first thing in the morning after all? I must say I'm temped now... ;)

dimanche 23 juin 2013

Shik, shak, shok...

This is not the first time Odie commissions me and I must say his characters are always a pleasure to draw. Is that because we have the same taste in men, virtual men at least?

I must say I was glad to draw a belly dancer because we don't give enough credit to male belly dancers -here, just because you're sweet here's my favorite one, Sultan ; a great guy, super sexy and his happiness when he dances shows how much he loves his passion-

Of course the most challenging part of drawing a belly dancer is to avoid to stereotypical postures and find an interesting way to twist his anatomy to show his efforts. I tried to show the torsion of his back, the torso's movements are the most fascinating in my opinion.

Now it's time to dance, put on your favorite Nancy Ajram album and here we go!

jeudi 30 mai 2013

How to dress your barbarian

There has been in France lately a long series of debates about the "geek world" and its internalized sexism and to be honest it has revealed how many assholes I had in my contacts, people who claim out and loud that they're not sexist but refuse to admit when they hurt geek girls. One of the main aspects of this eternal debate is of course the sexualization of female characters in comics and video games when men are represented as patriarchal models, and I thought about what heroic fantasy taught me. (And as you know I'm not one to complain about fan service and eye candy but I find it infuriating that naked girls are everywhere but the usual straight boy will make a face when he sees a man's butt on screen. If they can have eye candy, I want some too, and without their complaints!)
I drew a barbarian. If I understand well the rules of heroic fantasy and RPGs, a good armor is made of fur -to look slightly like a good old fashioned prostitute-, a huge weapon -me gusta!- and a tiny, tiny chainmail thong. No need to add too many clothes, it might slow him down.
Did I get it right ? :D

mardi 28 mai 2013

Hawkeye in Distress

 I was inspired by a post on Tumblr that asked for a Black Widow movie with Hawkeye as a damsel in distress... I must say that would be really cool, and I caught myself dreaming about it for a while until I sadly realized that 1-Phase two seems to be all for "saving the princess", as seen in Iron Man 3 and the first trailer of Thor -boooooooooring, like come on, can't they have a better incentive than boobs, seriously? u_u- and 2-a guy as the damsel in distress will never happen in the MCU or not before a hundred years.
So why cope with the frustration? I decided to draw it myself and have my dear Tasha kick some ass.
 Aaaand have the pleasure to draw yet another half-naked man, I mean, if you haven't understood yet that it's my thing... ^^
No but seriously though, I'm getting more and more used to digital inking and I kinda like the outcome. I only sketched the three main characters on paper, the rest is entirely digital. Either I'm getting better or my tablet rocks. Yeah I'm gonna thank her.
 Now will Clint be saved before the warehouse blows up? Will the weird aliens from the background get to them first? Oh well I don't care, he can remain half naked for a while after all...