dimanche 1 septembre 2013

Jesus' temptation

I am not going to go on a full religious debate to tell you all the "good" things I think about it, you probably wouldn't like what I have to say, but as an art history geek I've always been fond of the Bible -just like Marylin Manson said, I love it as a piece of fiction, just like the Lord of the Rings but more immoral-. The iconography of the New Testament can be very interesting on many levels... eyup, even that level, under the belt you know.
I decided to fool around with the theme of the Christ' temptation. They said it was about food and water but eh, why not something else after all?

I know some people might complain that this is blasphemy but at least my Jesus isn't white-washed like almost every Jesus drawn in history, so... shhh! ;)

Edit: Got bad comments on Yaoi Gallery for implying that Jesus wanted to be tempted. They found it offensive. Do they realize that Yaoi Gallery isn't really Bible compatible? ^^

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