vendredi 20 septembre 2013

Dale Lazarov's Homoerotic Epic Kiss Pin-Up Challenge

As the title says, I tried my hands at Dale Lazarov's last challenge and I must admit it was fun. I should do his challenges more often, mostly because Dale likes diversity and encourages variety of ethnicities, body types and characteristics in his challenges.
We don't see much kissing on this picture but I wanted to focus on the situation and make it epic. I first thought about ancient Greeks and other great civilisations that created epic myths but eventually, the idea of referencing French history was tempting, so I picked a French soldier from Middle Age and a Sarracen soldier ; many extreme-right conservative assholes like to remember the day the king Charles Martel stopped Arabic armies in the town of Poitiers as an excuse for they blatant racism.

 Well, with this drawing I claim full reconciliation between people of good will! ;)

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