mardi 17 septembre 2013

A mercenary like no other...

I wanted to doodle an heroic fantasy pinup to work on the background -and a special atmosphere I had in mind- but make him slightly different. Princes have never done the trick for me, magicians can be sexy but the pirate from overseas? Always a good option!
 This pirate/mercenary/middle-age bad boy is, as you can guess from the scars on his chest, a transgender dude. If you think it doesn't make sense in a med-fantasy context, just think about the dog with wings and a dragon tail. Even more impossible, right? -Fact: the background is inspired by a few pictures of the most famous medieval city in France, Carcassone.-

1 commentaire:

  1. He has a fairy dog! Adorable! :D This is a very moody piece. I love it. He's hotness!