jeudi 18 septembre 2014

Came from Barhein, got to Beirut... but I could not find eyes like yours!

Another treat from myself to myself, a western or south-Asian pirate. I hesitated to give him a hat but in the end I liked his hair too much to cover it.
... too bad he's hiding the main treasure in his hand!
I don't know exactly how bad the weather can get in Indian Ocean but he's probably got an ass to excite all sea deities around, and honestly, it was much funnier to paint him in the storm.
Oh, and a close-up because as usual I spent about the same amount of time on his face than on the rest of his body, so it's a pity not to show the details. Wall-eyes make a guy ten times sexier, trust me, it's science!

lundi 15 septembre 2014

No more life on Mars

One day I'll work on my post-apocalypse obsession, but that day has not come yet. It had been a while since I had drawn myself a hot guy, between collabs, requests and commissions I tend to forget myself sometimes.
In the meantime, here's some self-indulgence post-nuke traveler taking a break next to the destroyed city of Marseille -the Bonne Mère seems kinda radioactive now, and the sea is really dry. 
 Feel free to piss in the desert! --If I had known this pic would be so prophetic, in a way...!