jeudi 24 juin 2010

Yeah, my tail is uncut, babe !

Sorry, I didn't keep the preliminary sketches for this one, I inked on the original sketch.

Aaanyways, this buff dude was drawn this morning, a bit in a hurry, because I AB-SO-LU-TE-LY wanted to try the screen recording software Veebee just recommended to me. I've been dying to record the complete coloring process and not only make incomplete animated gifs.

So here's my first try, well actually it's not very good, I didn't tame the software very well ; it's quite blurry, the zooms were automatically generated and I don't know what's with those hysterical cursor moves but it's a premiere so it's not perfect, of course. You can even see me changing the playlist on Deezer ! ^^"

I have to say for a drawing made in a rush, a daddy type of guy, with a boxer face, which I have never drawn before, it's not too bad. Adrenaline is actually good for creativity !

Original video can be found here :

mercredi 23 juin 2010

Conan & He-Man... but quick !

Ok I'm gonna have to make this one a quickie because I'm going to the vet' in less than an hour... again. Anyways, it has nothing to do with this illustration !

New commission for Dinosaurprince. Two 80's gay geeks idols. Conan the Barbarian and He-man !

Dino let me choose which version of Conan I preferred ; I should have tried to be more inspired by Frazetta, I just love his artwork to pieces, but I thought the movie with Schwarzy looked much more eighties. ^^ Even if as a good fangirl I just can't wait for Jason Momoa as Conan !

Put your boot on, babe !

Conan seems to be way bigger and hairier than He-Man. Why not after all. Oh and every time I ink mountains or such backgrounds I think about the good old times when I used to read Andy Park's Tomb Raider comics and study his fabulous inking.

Nothing to say !

Okay this is going to be nearly a "no comment" post... because I don't wanna say too much about these characters. ^^ I simply hope I'm going to go far with them.

Like a taste of Arabian Nights... remember how many times you saw Disney's Aladdin when you were kid ? ^^ (Btw can I recommend the Japanese version of Arabian Nights ? It's absolutely awesome !)

Played with textures on this one. I'm thinking of making a night version, but by the time I'll actually have time to do it, I'll probably draw this pic better.

Recognize this camel dude ?

Yeah he got some piercings since last time. He's not into sports anymore, well, another kind of sports.

A minotaur ? Me ? I drew a minotaur ? Here's the story, last week (or was it last year ? I'm totally losing my mind these days... U_u) I finished the last issue of my fanzine Usagi Kira. You know what it is, the rush, you have to complete everything before going to the printing shop... when it was finally over, I was totally sick and tired of drawing little girls and rabbits. I needed to breathe, to draw something completely different. That's what I shouted on FurAffinity and my buddy Spinal22 suggested I could draw "something different, a minotaur for example", and why not "some light bondage". Mix it up and here's the result ! ^^

As you see I used a different coloring technique too. It was pretty challenging for me but I wanted to repeat the great experience I had coloring Rikuo's sketch by Patrick Fillion for Dinosaurprince. I've never been really inclined to color sketches, I love inking sessions so much ! I love to use my brushpen it's a bit like making love without STD ! XD I've never been that kind of persons, the ones who color sketches and do it well, but I have to thank Dino for pushing me to do this because I'm starting to really enjoy it ! As you'll see in the next pictures...

Nothing to say about them...

Nothing, I said !

And to finish, a pretty fennec boy, I'm just searching for something...

... but will I find it ? :}

mardi 15 juin 2010

My preciousss !

There are days when everything is shitty. Even the weather is ! It's pissing as if the world was going to end tomorrow ! Fortunately, there's a little sunlight in this fuckin' day. My baby, my preciousss.

Yeah, you may think it's stupid but it's always pleasant, especially when you color on the computer, to see your illustrations, and even more your comic pages, printed. They are here, all beautiful in your hands...

This is just a small self-produced fanzine I made for myself. See I already have another fanzine and it's much more "work-safe" but I really wanted this short comic to be printed. I consider it as a kind of business card. Like "No, I don't draw only little girls and rabbits, actually I prefer adult artwork, please have a look"... and that's it !

Inside there is a short hot and funny comic (six pages), a page to introduce the characters and a small "sketchbook" with the sketches of the pages, because they were pretty interesting. If you count the covers it reaches 16 pages, in color.

Nah, I'm not showing more, I don't wanna spoil the "story". XD It's a very limited edition, not really meant for sale, but if you want to buy it send me an email at galuniverse[at] and we'll see.

mardi 1 juin 2010

Different boys for once...

Two different boys today, the kind of guys I usually never draw. Enjoy !

This dude is a character I'm currently trying to create. I'm not gonna say much about him, sorry. I just wanted to make a contrast between a buff boy, all muscular, who looks like the harshest rugby player, a "real male" with hard interest for bodymods, especially the feminine specialty that are piercing corsets. At first I wanted to put huge flowers in the background but it was going to look way too girly for him.

I guess I eventually have to state : this is my bara style. It's not because I don't draw muscles that I don't like them, don't get me wrong ! However I don't like well defined muscles, I love them HUGE but round. Nice biceps are like a nice ass : soft (and sweaty ^^), strong, hard but you can press your finger on it and push on the smooth skin. Don't give me a top model or a bodybuilder, gimme The Rock and Vin Diesel ! Wrestlers are just purrr-fect.
Notice when I inked I slightly changed the perspective or the pool, to remove the big flowers. This way the warm tones of the body would make a beautiful contrast on the blue water. My boyfriend said he "wasn't convinced by the perspective" but does he even say positive things about my illustrations anyways ?

My favorite part of the colo' is the pool's border, the cute little tiles. Okay, I love the roundness of his ass too. But the tiles, the colors of the line art that don't look the same in the shadows, it was quite interesting.

This drawing was a quick commission I did last week-end in a convention in Marseille. It was an interesting exercise, something I'm not used to do so it deserves to be posted here.

That guy stopped by my booth and asked if I could draw him. The thing is on my booth I usually draw chibi commissions because that's what people like in conventions. And it's easier. But he wanted a comic style portrait of him so it was a lot of pressure : what if I had to start the drawing again and again because it sucked, what if he didn't like it, what if he thought it didn't look like him at all ? *pressure, pressure* The huge thing in his hand was his camera. ^^
In the end I'm quite happy, it's not perfect but remember it's a 3€ commish drawn in fifteen minutes on the corner of a really tiny table. Here's his myspace so you can see by yourself if it looks like him or not. :}