mercredi 23 juin 2010

Conan & He-Man... but quick !

Ok I'm gonna have to make this one a quickie because I'm going to the vet' in less than an hour... again. Anyways, it has nothing to do with this illustration !

New commission for Dinosaurprince. Two 80's gay geeks idols. Conan the Barbarian and He-man !

Dino let me choose which version of Conan I preferred ; I should have tried to be more inspired by Frazetta, I just love his artwork to pieces, but I thought the movie with Schwarzy looked much more eighties. ^^ Even if as a good fangirl I just can't wait for Jason Momoa as Conan !

Put your boot on, babe !

Conan seems to be way bigger and hairier than He-Man. Why not after all. Oh and every time I ink mountains or such backgrounds I think about the good old times when I used to read Andy Park's Tomb Raider comics and study his fabulous inking.

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  1. That was a good quick right up! LOLZ! Takes notes! XD This picture turned out very nice! Love it!!! Have fun at the convention and I hope all is well at the Vets.