mercredi 23 juin 2010

Nothing to say !

Okay this is going to be nearly a "no comment" post... because I don't wanna say too much about these characters. ^^ I simply hope I'm going to go far with them.

Like a taste of Arabian Nights... remember how many times you saw Disney's Aladdin when you were kid ? ^^ (Btw can I recommend the Japanese version of Arabian Nights ? It's absolutely awesome !)

Played with textures on this one. I'm thinking of making a night version, but by the time I'll actually have time to do it, I'll probably draw this pic better.

Recognize this camel dude ?

Yeah he got some piercings since last time. He's not into sports anymore, well, another kind of sports.

A minotaur ? Me ? I drew a minotaur ? Here's the story, last week (or was it last year ? I'm totally losing my mind these days... U_u) I finished the last issue of my fanzine Usagi Kira. You know what it is, the rush, you have to complete everything before going to the printing shop... when it was finally over, I was totally sick and tired of drawing little girls and rabbits. I needed to breathe, to draw something completely different. That's what I shouted on FurAffinity and my buddy Spinal22 suggested I could draw "something different, a minotaur for example", and why not "some light bondage". Mix it up and here's the result ! ^^

As you see I used a different coloring technique too. It was pretty challenging for me but I wanted to repeat the great experience I had coloring Rikuo's sketch by Patrick Fillion for Dinosaurprince. I've never been really inclined to color sketches, I love inking sessions so much ! I love to use my brushpen it's a bit like making love without STD ! XD I've never been that kind of persons, the ones who color sketches and do it well, but I have to thank Dino for pushing me to do this because I'm starting to really enjoy it ! As you'll see in the next pictures...

Nothing to say about them...

Nothing, I said !

And to finish, a pretty fennec boy, I'm just searching for something...

... but will I find it ? :}

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