mardi 11 décembre 2012

Hawkeye Initiative

Did you guys hear about the Hawkeye Initiative? To sum up, here's the original quote that started it all :

"How to fix every Strong Female Character pose in superhero comics: replace the character with Hawkeye doing the same thing."  -Gingerhaze 

I love this initiative because it reveals the ridiculousness of female characters "development" through over sexualized poses and situations, a.k.a doing everything to show boobs and asses when it's not necessary at all. So I gave it a try and...

... this is what I came up with... which actually doesn't change very much from what I usually draw, because HEY if you take all the "super-heroines" poses and make them done by a dude, you get precisely what I always do. Gay porn.

So no, I don't mind drawing gay porn at all -XD- but this is significantly representative of the mainstream comic industry that changes every feminine character into soft-porn models -but not boys because duh, no homo!-...

lundi 3 décembre 2012

Soft Aza, warm Aza, little ball of cum...

So, still trying to tame this digital painting thing -oh how I look like someone who knows what they're talking about! XD- and since portraits are very challenging I needed a model. After finally reading Camili-Cat: Love Lost that I absolutely adored, I decided to play with Aza again. Ah, that Tolarian will be the end of me!

Soft version, click for bigger version, like, I didn't do details for nothing! :p

And the dirty version because he had to bite his lip for a reason, right? Question is, whose cum is that?

vendredi 30 novembre 2012

Bottom Steve

I've been practising digital painting for about one month now and sure it's not perfect but I'm glad I'm getting a bit better. As you can guess there are many things I couldn't show on Facebook in this picture. And for some other blogs I made a "censored" version, something less porny... no cum, no balls. :/ No fun!

samedi 25 août 2012

Happy birthday mr. comic artist!

Just a quick post to wish our dear friend Patrick Fillion an incredibly happy birthday and all the best for this new year! This is not Marylin Monroe but I bet he's more your kind... ok, ok I gotta admit I made myself a gift by drawing the steamy hot Tolarian!

Happy Birthday Patrick! :D

dimanche 22 juillet 2012

Kink me up

A quick batch of commissions I did for Spinal at Paris Comic' Con, in July... as usual he's my most faithful and imaginative client, and as usual we had a lot of fun designing these pieces ! All of them are original characters of his, and as you can see it gets kinkier and kinkier...
These two pictures were made with soy sauce, sepia marker and golden inks on watercolor paper. A new technique that proved itself to be very popular this year !
Inika has been threatening for a long time and now... she's keeping her dirty promises ! Watercolor on paper. The scan kinda ruined everything, boooo !
Bondage werewolves are the best werewolves, right ?
Spinal said for the last one "something kinky, go ahead, have fun". It was the 3rd day of the con', my brains were a bit like raspberry jam, so I texted my naughty boyfriend to see if he could give me an idea of something kinky. And so he did.

mardi 12 juin 2012

Unfinished Business

Hey, it's been a while since I haven't drawn some cyberpunk right ? Ok, ok I get it you're tired of sci-fi, next time I'll draw a prehistoric dude. ^^

As I often do when I don't have a specific goal I start doodling the model from a photo to try and get the anatomy relatively right. Then only I think about the concept that is going to wrap aforementioned anatomy. Once again I felt like drawing wires and to be honest I was really happy with his 6-pack, I wanted to give him a very, very tight body suit to see everything.

During the sketching part I realized it could be really fun to leave the head empty. As if the brain hadn't been installed yet. So it's basically a brainless hot stud, don't tell me you don't want it ! ;)  

After drawing the destroyed lab, the whole story wrote itself and I'm sad to announce this babe will never be finished. :/ His brain is missing and he would need an electric impulse to come to life. (Oh, right as I type this my playlist decides it's time to start "Bring me to life" by Evanescence... oh the memories !) I don't know if the company that created him has bankrupted or if the whole world has collapsed but something's definitely wrong !

mercredi 6 juin 2012

He's gonna fuck you 'til the end of days

I have a special folder on my computer... no, not the porn folder, another one ! A folder where I keep all the pretty inspiring pictures I find on the internet (mostly on holy Tumblr) and go through when I need a boost. I recently stumbled upon a pretty Quetzalcoatl and thought it would be nice to make my own version.    

Babe was supposed to be half-snake, half-bird and definitely mythologic. I tried to give him a darker skin but it wouldn't look good with the greenish parts of the snake. I used fire tones for his mane and his wings, in the end he looks inspired by the pokemon Moltres. ^^" But he's Quetzalcoatl and if you mess up his name, he's gonna mess you up ! ^__~

lundi 28 mai 2012

Warriors can be softies too !

I must admit I didn't have any concept when I started doodling this one, I just found a picture of two muscular dudes kissing and thought it might be sweet to draw them, in a more semi-realistic way.
But I've never had any interest in simply redrawing a picture, I think our job as illustrators is definitely to add some fantasy to reality -and seriously, these guys didn't have nothing interesting, no dreadlocks, no pointy ears, no bodmods, not even long hair! What is wrong with porn companies, seriously?- so I went for two feral kind of Elfs... or Orc... or whatever may suit your imagination. Because humans are so damn boring !

Background time ! Still trying to tame this new software I got, ArtRage... it's a best-seller on iPad but I still suck at digital painting. It's not a reason not to try though, perhaps I'll eventually become better ? ^^" It seemed interesting to show these two brave warriors, probably strong and merciless, sharing a sweet moment. But kissing underneath waterfalls is so mainstream ! (Waterfall... mainstream... ok, ok I shouldn't even try ! XD) Better show your affection on the battlefield right ?

We already saw on the sketch they were from different species so I emphasized this by giving them different color schemes. In the end I keep wondering myself if they could be warriors from enemy tribes who ended up falling in love... Oh c'mon I know I'm way too romantic for my own good okay ? At least, it's still sexier than Twilight or Romeo & Juliet ! ^^

samedi 26 mai 2012

Hang on in there !

A little something different today... oh well not so "little" actually. ^^ Here's an illustration for Atraius, who commissioned me to do a kind of portrait of him except a little bit "enhanced" ; yes he send me pictures, you dirty birdies !  He wanted to look happily surprised with his new anatomy...

... aforementioned anatomy led us to some tasty discussions about inches versus centimetres, by the way ! ^^ The very first sketch pleased him enough so that he didn't even requested a single edit and it was a wrap so fast ! I am quite happy with the result, Atraius was different from the boys I usually draw and a more normal silhouette was a real pleasure to draw, especially the cute cherub look ~hey, I'm just sayin' that in a very artistic way, okay ?-.
Posted here with his permission of course, hoping you guys enjoy the view as much as we did ! ^^

mercredi 23 mai 2012

Happy Birthday Dinosaurprince !!!

Today's a big day and even when you're on the other side of the world, you can celebrate ! Dinosaurprince is turning -I don't know what age and that's not important ^^- and I wanted to do a little something special to thank him for all of his hard work with us artists all year long. So here it is ! A short one-page comic featuring Romer and Apis, his sexy OCs.

I picked the two of them mostly because I craved to draw Apis myself after coloring Leon de Leon's version of him a few weeks ago. To match the Egyptian atmosphere, Romer and his Ankh necklace was the best choice (IMHO) and since Matthew already told me he liked my version of this character, I hoped it would please him too. ^^  
I must admit I was kinda lazy on the background but after searching for lots of Egyptian cities architectures I didn't find anything as satisfying and "typical" as a good fuck in the desert. All the inside shots wouldn't have looked stereotypical enough and I wanted to keep people focused on of the characters after all. 

A funny side effect (or dramatic collateral damage ?) was that, after searching for pics of architecture of Ancient Egypt, I found some screencaps of the game Pharaoh. If you know me well, you know I'm a real junkie for this game, I love it to pieces ! And after these days my productivity dropped to its lowest level because... I started playing again ! LOL Fortunately I'm able to post this today and I'm quite proud to wish Matthew a VERY, VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

mercredi 16 mai 2012

Maât's Law

This all started with a doodle. I had had a tough week, just needed some rest, needed to relax all by myself, without my boyfriend nor anyone. So I just crashed on the couch, grabbed my sketchbook and let my red pencil play while watching the (awesome !!!) grand season finale of My Little Pony. I really, truly didn't wanna think about what I was doing, I was pretty sure it was gonna be one of these sketches that suck so much you just rip them off your sketchbook. And this little dude came out of nowhere. I won't make a revolution by drawing Egyptian Cyberpunk for sure, Stargate and Enki Bilal did it wayyy before I did but well, since he was better looking than I expected I kept on with this concept.

When cleaning and inking him I thought one of the most cyberpunk deities of the Egyptian mythology was probably Maât, goddess of Justice. According to these (religious fanatics ^^") Egyptians, when you died, you were presented to Maât who put your heart in a scale and if your heart was heavier than her feather... well, let's face it you were screwed and you deserved it, you impure bastard ! Your heart was given to a monster who joyfully feasted on it.

So yes, Maât supposedly was a girl but that never stops us, right ? I thought it would make a nice story for this illustration to tell and here I went.

And he just created a new feather... will your heart be to heavy for him ? Looks like he's judging you anyways. Do you have anything to hide ?

R'lyeh Station

I did this picture about a month ago I think, while I was reflecting on my eternal love for cyberpunk movies and atmospheres and the growing steampunk trend these days. I decided to draw a male cyborg with lots and lots of details because the contrast between smooth skin and electronic wires or technologic devices is always a win/win ! Of course this isn't as cool as Ghost In The Shell but it was my main influence for this one, especially the "hair" -now you must know I'm a sucker for dreadlocks- and the parts where his body's openings reveal his sci-fi anatomy.

Since I wouldn't have much room behind my dude to place a good ol' cyberpunk background I thought I should insist on an aggressive one-point perspective with a vanishing point right in the middle, like the center of a target. It's a kind of perspective that never look natural in "normal" situations so I tend to avoid using it, but sci-fi is definitely the land of "let's screw up architectural rules" and I thought it'd be good to give the train a feel of motion and fastness. 

Was inking a bitch ? Oh yeah it was. But that was funny too, because as you can see, I could add many items to the composition when working with "clean" pens. Sure, the line art always erases a sketch's spontaneity but for this kind of city representation is there really spontaneity ? Not for someone as nervous as me, alas ! ^^ 
Oh and, for some trivia, my boyfriend had left open some "thing" he was trying to fix, I don't remember what exactly, that had a printed circuit board so I used it to draw the symbols on my boy's skin.

After inking and while coloring all of those wires and cables I realized all of this was very Cthulu-esque, the invasive technology is mostly symbolized by electronic tentacles so this is when I decided to name this illustration R'lyeh Sation as an homage to our dear octopus God. And it was actually a very good thing because after struggling for hours on the background colors, I decided to go for a green atmosphere that would match the cyberpunk lighting and the colors of R'lyeh the Dead as described by Lovecraft. It kinda saved me from banging my head against the screen. ^^

jeudi 12 avril 2012

Striped stripper

I've had for several years now a huge kink for aliens. And horny creatures. But mostly aliens (and demons) because they have the most creative and original looks. With a little bit of imagination you can reach the top of extravaganza with aliens if you try to get out of the usual insectoid appearances created by Giger for Ridley Scott. I love Stargate Atlantis' Wraiths and I think Hermiod is too adorable, I secretly have a sick thing for Predators and Klingons and the Diva Plavalaguna is my princess so it's obviously not a secret that I LOVE Patrick Fillion's character Locus and his friends. Gotta be the green skin or the antennae, I don't know. ^^

A few days ago I've read this interview of Patrick talking about his new Camili-Cat adventures, Love Lost#1 and when I saw this picture... I fell in love. -*sigh* If boyfriend reads this he's gonna be so jealous ! ^^"-

Drink in the sexy new, hairy Cam! The first page from CAMILI-CAT: LOVE LOST #1, written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion, with beautiful colors by Hernán Cabrera. Coming Fall 2012 from Class Comics.

Look at this cutie pie ! Well, yes, Cam is obviously gorgeous too but the blue one on the pole ? I'd spend all my money to rent him for a night ! XD Being a fangirl like me there's nothing surprising in having crushes on secondary, tertiary or even less important characters... but I understand how silly it must sound. I kept coming back to the picture and stare at him, his hypnotizing turquoise skin and his tempting stripes, so in the end I decided to spend some time with him.

Oops, I accidentally erased the uncensored sketch file... but you get the point, you guess what's underneath the mosaics. And to spend even moooore time with him I painted him traditionally with my good old inks that were screaming at me "Pick me, pick me, I can be the perfect blue for him !". I realized while drawing him after Patrick's model that with his cute little horns and stripes he could be one of the multiple experiences of the mad scientist Jumba Jookiba from Lilo & Stitch. That's probably why I loved his design so much. ^^

I'm not entirely satisfied with the colors but well, gotta practice again with those damn inks. Anyway, this is not the cutest alien in the world, this is just a tribute !

dimanche 11 mars 2012

Romer's glory

It had been a while since I've had Dinosaur Prince's character Romer in my hands. And last month we decided to do a few sexy pics inspired by some old school National Geographic illustrations. Starting with the first one, the naughtiest.

Romer is pleasuring himself while a triceratops in the background is kinda... howling ? Well I guess the poor creature is calling for a mate because the show is too hot to bear ! ^^

Added some broken bones and cracked eggs shells, I thought it might be some funny details.

Sunset atmospheres have always been my favorites, I love these warm tones so I was more than happy to respect the original colors of the illustrations Dinosaur Prince showed me, you can find them in this post on his blog.

And the second one is less "dirty", almost innocent... almost, haha ! Romer is just hanging out with his friends, or... well, on the head of one of his friends.
I tried to make a cute wrinkled brontosaurus close-up and when he saw the sketch, Matthew told me he looked like Littlefoot's grandpa ! What a fuckin' awesome compliment !!! Okay I immediately remembered one of the saddest scenes in the history of animated movies but damn, that made me blush !

I didn't know exactly what to do for the background but I thought some grass could be good for the placid herbivore scene we were trying to create. I tried to make the viewer feel the wind in the tall grass and was -a little bit- inspired by the wonderful representations of animated grass in Miyazaki's movies. You can see the picture that inspired us on Dinosaur Prince's blog too !

Stay tuned for more prehistoric boys soon that I didn't draw but colored in a square of sweet collaborations ! ;)