lundi 28 mai 2012

Warriors can be softies too !

I must admit I didn't have any concept when I started doodling this one, I just found a picture of two muscular dudes kissing and thought it might be sweet to draw them, in a more semi-realistic way.
But I've never had any interest in simply redrawing a picture, I think our job as illustrators is definitely to add some fantasy to reality -and seriously, these guys didn't have nothing interesting, no dreadlocks, no pointy ears, no bodmods, not even long hair! What is wrong with porn companies, seriously?- so I went for two feral kind of Elfs... or Orc... or whatever may suit your imagination. Because humans are so damn boring !

Background time ! Still trying to tame this new software I got, ArtRage... it's a best-seller on iPad but I still suck at digital painting. It's not a reason not to try though, perhaps I'll eventually become better ? ^^" It seemed interesting to show these two brave warriors, probably strong and merciless, sharing a sweet moment. But kissing underneath waterfalls is so mainstream ! (Waterfall... mainstream... ok, ok I shouldn't even try ! XD) Better show your affection on the battlefield right ?

We already saw on the sketch they were from different species so I emphasized this by giving them different color schemes. In the end I keep wondering myself if they could be warriors from enemy tribes who ended up falling in love... Oh c'mon I know I'm way too romantic for my own good okay ? At least, it's still sexier than Twilight or Romeo & Juliet ! ^^

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