samedi 26 mai 2012

Hang on in there !

A little something different today... oh well not so "little" actually. ^^ Here's an illustration for Atraius, who commissioned me to do a kind of portrait of him except a little bit "enhanced" ; yes he send me pictures, you dirty birdies !  He wanted to look happily surprised with his new anatomy...

... aforementioned anatomy led us to some tasty discussions about inches versus centimetres, by the way ! ^^ The very first sketch pleased him enough so that he didn't even requested a single edit and it was a wrap so fast ! I am quite happy with the result, Atraius was different from the boys I usually draw and a more normal silhouette was a real pleasure to draw, especially the cute cherub look ~hey, I'm just sayin' that in a very artistic way, okay ?-.
Posted here with his permission of course, hoping you guys enjoy the view as much as we did ! ^^

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