mercredi 16 mai 2012

R'lyeh Station

I did this picture about a month ago I think, while I was reflecting on my eternal love for cyberpunk movies and atmospheres and the growing steampunk trend these days. I decided to draw a male cyborg with lots and lots of details because the contrast between smooth skin and electronic wires or technologic devices is always a win/win ! Of course this isn't as cool as Ghost In The Shell but it was my main influence for this one, especially the "hair" -now you must know I'm a sucker for dreadlocks- and the parts where his body's openings reveal his sci-fi anatomy.

Since I wouldn't have much room behind my dude to place a good ol' cyberpunk background I thought I should insist on an aggressive one-point perspective with a vanishing point right in the middle, like the center of a target. It's a kind of perspective that never look natural in "normal" situations so I tend to avoid using it, but sci-fi is definitely the land of "let's screw up architectural rules" and I thought it'd be good to give the train a feel of motion and fastness. 

Was inking a bitch ? Oh yeah it was. But that was funny too, because as you can see, I could add many items to the composition when working with "clean" pens. Sure, the line art always erases a sketch's spontaneity but for this kind of city representation is there really spontaneity ? Not for someone as nervous as me, alas ! ^^ 
Oh and, for some trivia, my boyfriend had left open some "thing" he was trying to fix, I don't remember what exactly, that had a printed circuit board so I used it to draw the symbols on my boy's skin.

After inking and while coloring all of those wires and cables I realized all of this was very Cthulu-esque, the invasive technology is mostly symbolized by electronic tentacles so this is when I decided to name this illustration R'lyeh Sation as an homage to our dear octopus God. And it was actually a very good thing because after struggling for hours on the background colors, I decided to go for a green atmosphere that would match the cyberpunk lighting and the colors of R'lyeh the Dead as described by Lovecraft. It kinda saved me from banging my head against the screen. ^^

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