jeudi 30 mai 2013

How to dress your barbarian

There has been in France lately a long series of debates about the "geek world" and its internalized sexism and to be honest it has revealed how many assholes I had in my contacts, people who claim out and loud that they're not sexist but refuse to admit when they hurt geek girls. One of the main aspects of this eternal debate is of course the sexualization of female characters in comics and video games when men are represented as patriarchal models, and I thought about what heroic fantasy taught me. (And as you know I'm not one to complain about fan service and eye candy but I find it infuriating that naked girls are everywhere but the usual straight boy will make a face when he sees a man's butt on screen. If they can have eye candy, I want some too, and without their complaints!)
I drew a barbarian. If I understand well the rules of heroic fantasy and RPGs, a good armor is made of fur -to look slightly like a good old fashioned prostitute-, a huge weapon -me gusta!- and a tiny, tiny chainmail thong. No need to add too many clothes, it might slow him down.
Did I get it right ? :D

mardi 28 mai 2013

Hawkeye in Distress

 I was inspired by a post on Tumblr that asked for a Black Widow movie with Hawkeye as a damsel in distress... I must say that would be really cool, and I caught myself dreaming about it for a while until I sadly realized that 1-Phase two seems to be all for "saving the princess", as seen in Iron Man 3 and the first trailer of Thor -boooooooooring, like come on, can't they have a better incentive than boobs, seriously? u_u- and 2-a guy as the damsel in distress will never happen in the MCU or not before a hundred years.
So why cope with the frustration? I decided to draw it myself and have my dear Tasha kick some ass.
 Aaaand have the pleasure to draw yet another half-naked man, I mean, if you haven't understood yet that it's my thing... ^^
No but seriously though, I'm getting more and more used to digital inking and I kinda like the outcome. I only sketched the three main characters on paper, the rest is entirely digital. Either I'm getting better or my tablet rocks. Yeah I'm gonna thank her.
 Now will Clint be saved before the warehouse blows up? Will the weird aliens from the background get to them first? Oh well I don't care, he can remain half naked for a while after all...

mardi 7 mai 2013

Ispahan's Prince

It started out as a doodle to practice digital inking and eventually I completed it because his cocky self wouldn't let me do anything else.
His expression is a bit annoying, right? :/ He seems a little too dominant and pretentious for my taste.
... but I gave him a background anyway.
 Because all reasons are good to draw a half-naked boy. ^^ And here's the bearded version so there's one for every taste.

lundi 6 mai 2013

Lithium Lake

I don't think I've ever posted so many steps for a picture but here it is. I thought it could be fun to show the construction of the whole thing.
I got inspired by several different pictures of landscapes, mostly from Scotland, and wanted to go with semi-complementary colors, red/orange and green tones to make the background "powerful". At least this is what I tried to do, you tell me if it worked.
Adding the river/lake... but it seemed a bit off, for some reason. I kinda like this warm red water though.
This step was the occasion for a huuuuuge argument on reflections in water with my boyfriend. Being an artist gives you plenty of opportunities to have such silly arguments.
And now that the background is mostly done, let's start the boys. I just sketched different boys in various positions to see what they could do.

Aaaand for the grand finale... click for the high-res' picture!

dimanche 5 mai 2013

Familiar Gay Centaurs as named by Dinosaur Prince

Some occasions are perfect for a collab-commission. Nay, ALL occasions are perfect for this! And Patrick (Fillion) and (Robert) Fraser's first marriage anniversary was a great symbol to celebrate -especially for me since the debate on Marriage for All was so nasty and disgusting in France, it warms my heart and gives me hope to see some countries are smarter than mine- but Dinosaur Prince found an interesting twist to make this couple portrait even better : centaurs. Pretty indecent centaurs of course. ^^
At first, Dino hesitated, he wasn't sure of the kind of picture he wanted me to do and as I said, I can do all the centaur porn he wants but porn of people I consider as friends? It was a little too intimate for me. ^^" Dino said he was less reluctant than I was, probably because dudes are dirtier than girls, I really don't think they are but drawings people with whom I've already chatted about food and casual stuff in kinky settings without their previous explicit consent... that was my limit.

Dino understood that and we went for relatively "casual" centaurs, very well endowed of course, I should say they're hung like horses. Literally. The trickiest part for me was to try capturing the likeliness of the faces, I hope they're recognizable. -And ohhh digital line art, it's not my first but it's still new for me!-
I loved coloring Fraser's horse legs, the little spots are cute! We went for a classic kind of background, country-style and bucolic for our two centaurs to roam freely the fields like forever young lovers... oh, that made me poetic!
To make it a little less poetic and a little more "life-like" we gave Fraser the small target he's got on his Twitter picture, and made Patrick's cape pink like his pink t-shirt. Eventually the target ended on Fraser's butt though, as I wasn't sure which one Dino would prefer I made both!
As always it was a pleasure working for and with them all and I must say I like the clean results, almost like a comic for children... well, grown up children! ;)