mardi 28 mai 2013

Hawkeye in Distress

 I was inspired by a post on Tumblr that asked for a Black Widow movie with Hawkeye as a damsel in distress... I must say that would be really cool, and I caught myself dreaming about it for a while until I sadly realized that 1-Phase two seems to be all for "saving the princess", as seen in Iron Man 3 and the first trailer of Thor -boooooooooring, like come on, can't they have a better incentive than boobs, seriously? u_u- and 2-a guy as the damsel in distress will never happen in the MCU or not before a hundred years.
So why cope with the frustration? I decided to draw it myself and have my dear Tasha kick some ass.
 Aaaand have the pleasure to draw yet another half-naked man, I mean, if you haven't understood yet that it's my thing... ^^
No but seriously though, I'm getting more and more used to digital inking and I kinda like the outcome. I only sketched the three main characters on paper, the rest is entirely digital. Either I'm getting better or my tablet rocks. Yeah I'm gonna thank her.
 Now will Clint be saved before the warehouse blows up? Will the weird aliens from the background get to them first? Oh well I don't care, he can remain half naked for a while after all...

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