jeudi 30 mai 2013

How to dress your barbarian

There has been in France lately a long series of debates about the "geek world" and its internalized sexism and to be honest it has revealed how many assholes I had in my contacts, people who claim out and loud that they're not sexist but refuse to admit when they hurt geek girls. One of the main aspects of this eternal debate is of course the sexualization of female characters in comics and video games when men are represented as patriarchal models, and I thought about what heroic fantasy taught me. (And as you know I'm not one to complain about fan service and eye candy but I find it infuriating that naked girls are everywhere but the usual straight boy will make a face when he sees a man's butt on screen. If they can have eye candy, I want some too, and without their complaints!)
I drew a barbarian. If I understand well the rules of heroic fantasy and RPGs, a good armor is made of fur -to look slightly like a good old fashioned prostitute-, a huge weapon -me gusta!- and a tiny, tiny chainmail thong. No need to add too many clothes, it might slow him down.
Did I get it right ? :D

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  1. Barbarians are awesome people, and you draw them very good! Long time since I have seen your art. Glad to find you have a blog. Keep up the good work~!