samedi 25 juin 2011

Do you read me ?

"Captain ? Captain, do you read me ?"

The story behind this illustration is quite... "funny" in a pretty ironic way. Earlier this month I went to a festival and met an editor to show her my illustrations. At first I was supposed to try to see three different people, so I wanted to make a general portfolio that could suit every kind of stories. But eventually I only got the opportunity to meet one so I decided to prepare my portfolio especially for her... silly me ! The woman only had published sci-fi books for the moment and I didn't have a single sci-fi illustration. I felt sooo bad ! (Anyways, it wasn't really a problem since she said she wanted to launch a new heroic fantasy series but at first I was awkward.)

So I thought, coming back home, that I needed to be more organized and have a bit of sci-fi in my portfolio. But y'know it's always tricky... it's not that easy to think "draw something science-fiction" and to do it ! Eventually this dude appeared all by himself...

Drew the Enterprise behind him and Stitch's tiny red spaceship. Just for fun...

jeudi 23 juin 2011

Mourning knight

Just a regular fantasy illustration (with tiny boobs in it ^^) but since it has a hot boy in it, and the mixed-media was interesting, I felt like sharing.

Sorry I don't have the big sketch anywhere on my computer, but here's the most important part. ^^

The knight's face expression became more serious with the inking. He's mourning someone after all...

That's a kind of dangerous bet, to go for a watercolor painted background... personally, I enjoy the result ! Of course it needed a few touches up on Photoshop to look good with the rest of the picture.

What do you guys think ? Good technique or not ?

Happy Birthday Aneros !

Here's a new picture -well, "new"... you might have seen it on the Y! a while ago now but I've been quite busy so no time to post it on the blog- commissioned by the always generous Dinosaurprince for his friend (and great artist) Aneros' birthday.

Dinosaurprince let us pick the characters we wanted to do, since we were a bit in a hurry, and there were several fanart opportunities but I preferred to honor Aneros' original characters, a trio of hot Mardi Gras boys with very cool outfits (or lack of ! XD)...

Since we were going for a kind of New-Orleans atmosphere, I decided to frame the boys with the floral ornaments you can find on the balconies of Bourbon Street and pretty old-school areas in the city. They're a pain in the crack to draw but the result is always so fancy ! ^^

And ink these bitches... talking about the Art-Nouveau ornaments, not the boys !

Do we all agree ? The pink butt cheeks are the cutest and most arousing part of this illustration, riiight ? ^^ In the end I truly hope Aneros enjoyed receiving it as much as I had fun drawing it !