mercredi 20 janvier 2010

Dinosaurprince's last fantasy

Ok, will I manage to finally write this post ? I'm been driving myself crazy with Blogger, it was partly his fault, partly mine... *breathes* well ! Boys let me tell ya Dino and I literally rocked this new commission ! All I wanna say is "Epic win".

Dino wanted me to try his new boy, Andrew 2 -you'll have to tell me why "two" by the way ! ^^-. His idea was that Andrew, hanging from a tree by his legs, could startle Romer by falling on him, holding him with his vines and forcing his multiple cocks to his face, but in a playful way. At first I didn't see exactly how it could turn out so Dino sketched his idea and I thought we could use some twisted point of vue to get something really interesting. I tried to find a dynamic yet sexy and unusual position. Here's the genesis of the baby, the first scribble. I usually send more detailed sketches but this position was really tricky and I didn't want to sweat too much on it if the Boss didn't like it. Fortunately he did.

I got inspired mostly by Dinosaurprince's own version of Andrew 2, but for some details I totally followed Ink-B's version... ahh you guess why ! ^^ The horny sucking plants in this picture totally looked like Bellsprout and I'm a real pokewhore so I fell in love with them. Aren't they cute ? I expected to be asked to change some things but Dino was just as happy as I was with this sketch so it stayed like that.

Line art, just because... -did I say drawing upside down stuff seen from the floor is quite tricky ? Just saying... but the pleasure when it's done is sooo good !-

When I started to color, the skins had no shadows or lights, and it made me wanna eat an ice-cream, it looked like pistachio flavor and chocolate. Fortunately the cold weather prevented me to do so ! ^^ This time the hard-working little pOrn elf I am didn't forget to color Romer's penis head with deep purple, I also decided to make different colors for all of Andrew's cocks. There were just some changes to do for the pink one... ^^ On Yaoi Gallery, I posted a "censored" version because it seems the eyes aren't allowed on the tentacle things so it's a kind of exclusive for here, my website and Dino's blog. And because I think it was totally worthy, a WIP, animated gif -clicky, clicky !- :

jeudi 14 janvier 2010

Between Shelley and Lovecraft

Two big myths I shouldn't even dare to illustrate, me, little insect I am. See, I am fond of traditional arts. To me, nothing can replace the feeling of paper and pencils. It's truly something you feel in your body, just like dancing, singing or doing any art. I wouldn't be able to draw directly on a computer, not having originals on paper... it's priceless to feel the thousand different ways the pencil have to touch the paper, the sounds they make together, the smell of paper. Oh and to ink with a brushpen is simply a great sensation that a graphic tablet will never be able to replace. The pressure of the hairs against the paper is something you need to control in real life, not virtually. Even Wacom can't perfectly imitate reality.

However, all this babbling to say : the emotions I get with traditional stuff are simply fantastic but these days I'm feeling really, really good with Photoshop. I feel comfortable, there's some kind of routine, some things just come by themselves naturally : preparing the mille-feuilles of layers, for example. But I also found some exciting new tricks in only a few days and this is terribly pleasant.

I explained the drawing itself in this post. At first I wanted to go for warm tones, yellow, orange, all the colors I prefer because I did this illustration to explore the oriental side of the myth. It could have been yet another genie in the desert. But it was too necessary to use blueish tones for Cthulhu, he's a water divinity ; and with Yog-Sothoth in the background, it had to take place in the outer space. I wasn't sure I would do something interesting with this blue-green colors, I hesitated, wanted to include purple, green and a bit of yellow and I found the right layers to do this so the result is much better than what I expected.
I also used a brighter effect on the background, that kind of halo surrounding Al Hazred and the tentacles ; I rarely use so contrasted effects but it suited the goth fantasy atmosphere.
In the last post I said I wanted to add esoteric symbols but the composition, in my opinion, didn't need to be more complicated. The tentacles and the arched body already have complementary and opposed directions, it would have been weird to create yet another flow with symbols. But I might make an alternate version one day, just to try...

Drawing previously explained in this post. Before starting to color this picture, I was thinking about it, mentally taking notes of what I should do, when I thought about something I had read a long time ago -years ago, actually-. When I was a kid my parents had a lot of books about Impressionism, their favorite painter was Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Of course, as a lot of artists, Renoir wasn't really appreciated when he was still alive and I once read a really mean critique of one of his contemporaries that said about his famous bathers something like "women at bath are not supposed to look like that, he marks them with spots of blue, green and purple, I feel like I'm looking at rotting flesh". I totally disagree with this critique, I love Renoir's paintings but it inspired me for this piece. The color of his skin was created by using a bunch of different subtle colors and also highly inspired by De Niro's skin in Kenneth Branagh's movie. The 'delicious' color of the flesh that spent too much time in water.
The roses weren't complicated, they simply came up just as I imagined. Baby pink, they are sweet, pretty, far away from the traditional bright red old-school roses. They would be perfect for a marriage illustration or something like that.
Surprisingly, I had a hard time with the background. I had made a very pretty combination of textures but it was too weird with the cartoony drawing style and it took me a while to find the good balance but I got it the way I wanted. End of story. Thanks Mrs Shelley ! :}

mercredi 13 janvier 2010

Side Street Crew

So you know me, you know I've been playing with these dudes for a while now and I wanted to make a gallery of all the crew, even those I hadn't drawn yet. Let's say it's in honor of Javier's first birthday ? -Most of them don't have their usual tattoos, because I have to think about it a little bit more...-

Javier, the main character even if everybody prefers Ka'eo. I like his pose and his muscles on this one ; on this series I tried a new trick for coloring, on the skin, I really like it. It's a little bit more subtle and makes the muscles look more defined. So, the pose... and the spliff, the little smile. He looks so smug, that's so him ! Oh and this huge chain, and the jewels, he's pretending he's all rich and gangsta. Of all the crew I think he's the most bling bling. But that's just to try to seduce his boy Ka'eo.

I'm in love with Ka'eo, no homo ! That guy is just perfect to me, he's got everything that's needed, just in the good places. I love his shape, soft, round, everywhere.
Oh, that's his new look, you can see he spent some time with the crew. He doesn't shave every day anymore and the stubble suits him, he's got shorter hair, he hangs out bare chest like "I'm so cool, listening to some reggaeton on my iPod". He's going commando... I also redesigned the tattoo on his wrist. I think it's a custom design a friend drew for him.

Mateo, I-know-I-always-say-that-but he's my favorite. The slut of the crew. He's got a nice body in this pic, nope ? But the sign he's doing with his left hand is not very innocent ; it's supposed to be a gangsta sign, however it can be some sexual solicitation.
At first they all had such caps, but in the end Mateo is the only one who still wear one, it looks good on his long hair. Maybe should I make REAL caps and apparel with these designs ? Graffiti styled naughty words and cocks. ^^ The words on his boxers mean "Hood's panties" in Spanish.
I hesitated, at first I wanted to make a chocolate ice cream. But there's enough chocolate, caramel, brown in all of these pictures and see, my best friend is allergic to strawberry colorant in food and she doesn't eat red things, just to be sure. So I opted for this ice cream, so that my best friend would have an excuse to lick Mateo instead of the cone. Mischievious, I know...

The bad, bad capitalist I am is actually making an ad' for McDonald's. Booo... but hey, that's Big-E, he needs to eat, you don't wanna see him starving, right ? This new coloring trick totally made it on his belly. I think I just found the perfect shape for him.

Angel, the first time I'm drawing him. He's Javier's big brother so his skin has got the same color base as Javier, even if there are a little bit more shadows. He's got the same eyes too. His name is Angel so I don't have to explain his tattoo. Gun, shaved head, scar on his upper lip, bigger muscles : he's a real man, see ? I wanted to make him look tougher than the others, he spent some time in prison after all.

Drawing a hip-hop dancer is ALWAYS a good pretext to make a weird pose. I'm glad with the result, it's pretty dynamic ; I wasn't sure I'd manage to do something interesting on this format, without seeing his legs.
As his baggy is very large, it seems like he's got girl's hips. I also tried to dye his locks blonde but it wasn't great.
This series was the occasion for me to compare different body types. I tried to make Jesus look thin but muscular, flexible like a panther...

Felix, on the contrary, is skinny, sooo skinny ! Poor baby, his jeans are falling down to his knees. But he's trying, desperately trying to look sexy to get girls. Big-E is the youngest but I love to make Felix look like a teenager : no facial nor body hairs, no muscles, no jewels, no tattoos, a really basic haircut. He's still momma's boy in some kind of way.

And, just for the record, the girls of the crew : because even gay boys wouldn't be nothing without girls.

lundi 11 janvier 2010

Are you ready ? -Street Fighter goodness-

My very last commission for Dinosaurprince tastes like old-school video games and smells like the good ol' eighties ! I know, I know, I may sound like an ancestor to some young readers... ^^"

Street wankers, here we go. This time, unlike last time, I already knew the game -because when I did this Darkstalkers piece I just didn't know it, I barely knew Rikuo from Dino's blog, shame on me ! ^^"-. It was really cool to have a take on Guy because he's got this special suit... ok I may sound like a total noob but is he the only one who ever wore it in video games ? Or were they many characters ? Because it seems like I've seen it for all my life. The two others were great to draw too. They all look so... from the 80's ! I can't find any word to describe them better.

Second version with more muscles. What was I thinking ? Of course, they are fighters ! I don't draw naturally defined muscles so Dino gotta push me on this side but it does always give good results. His first instructions were Cody, Haggar and Guy -with his Street Fighter Alpha 2 suit-, in a circle jerk, in some dark alley. What a great match. I added a garbage can to make it a little trashy, and the little detail of the dead fish made us laugh ; it reminds me of the typical dark streets you can see in funny comics. In the garbage cans, were cats hang around, there's always the skeleton of a fish...
At first, Cody's hand was on his own cock, but then Dino suggested it could be on Mike's, so I put Mike's hand on Cody's shoulder and it's was kinda cute so we let it like this. It's just a little sad that Guy doesn't have his part of friendly touching, but what Mike could be doing with his other hand behind his back... it's up to your imagination.

It must be because I'm fond of orange that I love Guy's outfit so much. Or because it's so exciting to see him jerking off with this suit on, unzipped on his crotch. Mike is just... well... forgive me but he looks like the typical customer of gay clubs in New-York, back in the eighties. But... c'mon, he just looks like Freddie Mercury ! It hit me when I colored him and what can I say ? I've always been a HUGE Freddie Mercury fan ! ^^" Oh man, what a cross-over.

A little color variation, I let you find the differences. No, there aren't seven of them. ^^" Too bad I didn't keep the very very first sketches, it could have been interesting to compare. Anyway, it was a pleasure to work with Dino, as always ! :} If you guys can, just don't hesitate... And a little message for Cody, even if it's not the good video game : "Finish him !!!"

samedi 2 janvier 2010

"Anubis" & "Al Azif"

The last days of 2009 were filled with oriental lust for me... well at least in my drawings. As for my bed, it was quite cold ! ^^"

"Anubis". No surprise I doodled this dude last sunday, watching The Mummy Returns -the one with The Rock and Oded Fehr... rawwrrr !-. I suddenly wanted to draw an anthro and even if I'm not usually into canids, they're too common, I like the result. I even wondered if I was going to ink him totally black, to give him a black skin, but eventually I decided to stay this way, with a dark style anyway, a bit like US comics. It was just to let my hands play, the position is one of the "I don't know what to draw so let's make some eye-candy" positions. I can't wait to color him I think it's gonna be interesting !

"Al Azif" A picture a la Lovecraft I really enjoyed to draw. This represents Abdul Al Hazred, the original author of the Necronomicon. He's surrounded by the Outer God Cthulhu and in the background Yog-Sothoth is watching.

Abdul Al Hazred, the "Mad Arab", supposedly was a simple human but I gave him this genie appearance because when you know he stayed in the desert for years worshipping Chtulhu and Yog-Sothoth before writing his book about the Gods, you can't deny there was probably something supernatural about it. Plus, the original title of the Necronomicon is "Al Azif", which is the noise of the insects' wings and/or the noise of a genie screaming. That's why I picked this title : can't you hear the genie screaming ?
It's not very original but Cthulhu is made for tentacle porn. I gave him octopus suction pads just because it was funny to imagine ; I wanted the tentacles to stick like an octopus, instead than squeezing him like a constrictor snake. After all Cthulhu is a god of water, not earth.
Yog-Sothoth is everything and nothing, he makes the link between the other side of the Universe and us, so you can imagine he was the one who helped Chtulhu and Al Hazred to meet -and do this. I know he may look weird and not very "terrible god" like but that's how he's supposed to be : "only a congeries of iridescent globes, yet stupendous in its malign suggestiveness" according to Lovecraft.
On the pOrn side, please notice I drew all by myself a circumcised cock - nearly a premiere ! ^^-. I had to wonder if it was correct but yes because, it's said Al hazred was not a really good Muslim, which obviously means he wrote this book after Islam appeared so he was probably cut in his childhood.
The tattoo on his cock is a reference to Logan's Pornomicon, of course. I didn't really want to use his universe but to explore the oriental roots of the myth. Ain't it much exotic this way ? :}
I plan to color it -among the soooo many illustrations I have to color...- and add some interesting effects in the background, mysterious clouds, galaxies, stars and esoteric symbols that I didn't want to ink. Hope I will find time and make something great out of it.

Oh and btw if you've read until there... HAPPY NEW YEAR !