mercredi 13 janvier 2010

Side Street Crew

So you know me, you know I've been playing with these dudes for a while now and I wanted to make a gallery of all the crew, even those I hadn't drawn yet. Let's say it's in honor of Javier's first birthday ? -Most of them don't have their usual tattoos, because I have to think about it a little bit more...-

Javier, the main character even if everybody prefers Ka'eo. I like his pose and his muscles on this one ; on this series I tried a new trick for coloring, on the skin, I really like it. It's a little bit more subtle and makes the muscles look more defined. So, the pose... and the spliff, the little smile. He looks so smug, that's so him ! Oh and this huge chain, and the jewels, he's pretending he's all rich and gangsta. Of all the crew I think he's the most bling bling. But that's just to try to seduce his boy Ka'eo.

I'm in love with Ka'eo, no homo ! That guy is just perfect to me, he's got everything that's needed, just in the good places. I love his shape, soft, round, everywhere.
Oh, that's his new look, you can see he spent some time with the crew. He doesn't shave every day anymore and the stubble suits him, he's got shorter hair, he hangs out bare chest like "I'm so cool, listening to some reggaeton on my iPod". He's going commando... I also redesigned the tattoo on his wrist. I think it's a custom design a friend drew for him.

Mateo, I-know-I-always-say-that-but he's my favorite. The slut of the crew. He's got a nice body in this pic, nope ? But the sign he's doing with his left hand is not very innocent ; it's supposed to be a gangsta sign, however it can be some sexual solicitation.
At first they all had such caps, but in the end Mateo is the only one who still wear one, it looks good on his long hair. Maybe should I make REAL caps and apparel with these designs ? Graffiti styled naughty words and cocks. ^^ The words on his boxers mean "Hood's panties" in Spanish.
I hesitated, at first I wanted to make a chocolate ice cream. But there's enough chocolate, caramel, brown in all of these pictures and see, my best friend is allergic to strawberry colorant in food and she doesn't eat red things, just to be sure. So I opted for this ice cream, so that my best friend would have an excuse to lick Mateo instead of the cone. Mischievious, I know...

The bad, bad capitalist I am is actually making an ad' for McDonald's. Booo... but hey, that's Big-E, he needs to eat, you don't wanna see him starving, right ? This new coloring trick totally made it on his belly. I think I just found the perfect shape for him.

Angel, the first time I'm drawing him. He's Javier's big brother so his skin has got the same color base as Javier, even if there are a little bit more shadows. He's got the same eyes too. His name is Angel so I don't have to explain his tattoo. Gun, shaved head, scar on his upper lip, bigger muscles : he's a real man, see ? I wanted to make him look tougher than the others, he spent some time in prison after all.

Drawing a hip-hop dancer is ALWAYS a good pretext to make a weird pose. I'm glad with the result, it's pretty dynamic ; I wasn't sure I'd manage to do something interesting on this format, without seeing his legs.
As his baggy is very large, it seems like he's got girl's hips. I also tried to dye his locks blonde but it wasn't great.
This series was the occasion for me to compare different body types. I tried to make Jesus look thin but muscular, flexible like a panther...

Felix, on the contrary, is skinny, sooo skinny ! Poor baby, his jeans are falling down to his knees. But he's trying, desperately trying to look sexy to get girls. Big-E is the youngest but I love to make Felix look like a teenager : no facial nor body hairs, no muscles, no jewels, no tattoos, a really basic haircut. He's still momma's boy in some kind of way.

And, just for the record, the girls of the crew : because even gay boys wouldn't be nothing without girls.

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