lundi 11 janvier 2010

Are you ready ? -Street Fighter goodness-

My very last commission for Dinosaurprince tastes like old-school video games and smells like the good ol' eighties ! I know, I know, I may sound like an ancestor to some young readers... ^^"

Street wankers, here we go. This time, unlike last time, I already knew the game -because when I did this Darkstalkers piece I just didn't know it, I barely knew Rikuo from Dino's blog, shame on me ! ^^"-. It was really cool to have a take on Guy because he's got this special suit... ok I may sound like a total noob but is he the only one who ever wore it in video games ? Or were they many characters ? Because it seems like I've seen it for all my life. The two others were great to draw too. They all look so... from the 80's ! I can't find any word to describe them better.

Second version with more muscles. What was I thinking ? Of course, they are fighters ! I don't draw naturally defined muscles so Dino gotta push me on this side but it does always give good results. His first instructions were Cody, Haggar and Guy -with his Street Fighter Alpha 2 suit-, in a circle jerk, in some dark alley. What a great match. I added a garbage can to make it a little trashy, and the little detail of the dead fish made us laugh ; it reminds me of the typical dark streets you can see in funny comics. In the garbage cans, were cats hang around, there's always the skeleton of a fish...
At first, Cody's hand was on his own cock, but then Dino suggested it could be on Mike's, so I put Mike's hand on Cody's shoulder and it's was kinda cute so we let it like this. It's just a little sad that Guy doesn't have his part of friendly touching, but what Mike could be doing with his other hand behind his back... it's up to your imagination.

It must be because I'm fond of orange that I love Guy's outfit so much. Or because it's so exciting to see him jerking off with this suit on, unzipped on his crotch. Mike is just... well... forgive me but he looks like the typical customer of gay clubs in New-York, back in the eighties. But... c'mon, he just looks like Freddie Mercury ! It hit me when I colored him and what can I say ? I've always been a HUGE Freddie Mercury fan ! ^^" Oh man, what a cross-over.

A little color variation, I let you find the differences. No, there aren't seven of them. ^^" Too bad I didn't keep the very very first sketches, it could have been interesting to compare. Anyway, it was a pleasure to work with Dino, as always ! :} If you guys can, just don't hesitate... And a little message for Cody, even if it's not the good video game : "Finish him !!!"

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