samedi 2 janvier 2010

"Anubis" & "Al Azif"

The last days of 2009 were filled with oriental lust for me... well at least in my drawings. As for my bed, it was quite cold ! ^^"

"Anubis". No surprise I doodled this dude last sunday, watching The Mummy Returns -the one with The Rock and Oded Fehr... rawwrrr !-. I suddenly wanted to draw an anthro and even if I'm not usually into canids, they're too common, I like the result. I even wondered if I was going to ink him totally black, to give him a black skin, but eventually I decided to stay this way, with a dark style anyway, a bit like US comics. It was just to let my hands play, the position is one of the "I don't know what to draw so let's make some eye-candy" positions. I can't wait to color him I think it's gonna be interesting !

"Al Azif" A picture a la Lovecraft I really enjoyed to draw. This represents Abdul Al Hazred, the original author of the Necronomicon. He's surrounded by the Outer God Cthulhu and in the background Yog-Sothoth is watching.

Abdul Al Hazred, the "Mad Arab", supposedly was a simple human but I gave him this genie appearance because when you know he stayed in the desert for years worshipping Chtulhu and Yog-Sothoth before writing his book about the Gods, you can't deny there was probably something supernatural about it. Plus, the original title of the Necronomicon is "Al Azif", which is the noise of the insects' wings and/or the noise of a genie screaming. That's why I picked this title : can't you hear the genie screaming ?
It's not very original but Cthulhu is made for tentacle porn. I gave him octopus suction pads just because it was funny to imagine ; I wanted the tentacles to stick like an octopus, instead than squeezing him like a constrictor snake. After all Cthulhu is a god of water, not earth.
Yog-Sothoth is everything and nothing, he makes the link between the other side of the Universe and us, so you can imagine he was the one who helped Chtulhu and Al Hazred to meet -and do this. I know he may look weird and not very "terrible god" like but that's how he's supposed to be : "only a congeries of iridescent globes, yet stupendous in its malign suggestiveness" according to Lovecraft.
On the pOrn side, please notice I drew all by myself a circumcised cock - nearly a premiere ! ^^-. I had to wonder if it was correct but yes because, it's said Al hazred was not a really good Muslim, which obviously means he wrote this book after Islam appeared so he was probably cut in his childhood.
The tattoo on his cock is a reference to Logan's Pornomicon, of course. I didn't really want to use his universe but to explore the oriental roots of the myth. Ain't it much exotic this way ? :}
I plan to color it -among the soooo many illustrations I have to color...- and add some interesting effects in the background, mysterious clouds, galaxies, stars and esoteric symbols that I didn't want to ink. Hope I will find time and make something great out of it.

Oh and btw if you've read until there... HAPPY NEW YEAR !

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