vendredi 28 mai 2010

Chubby or muscular ? Choose your side.

But let me tell ya that on chubby side we definitely have cookies ! ^^

Those who know me well will probably recognize him... here comes the one and only Super Chubby ! So grab a burger and enjoy that blog, babes !

Super Chubby is an OC I created a few years ago. He's a strong super hero who fights the political correctness of diets. I started to draw him for two reasons : I was tired of all this harassment about diet, everywhere, on the radio, TV, internet, in the streets, etc... and I have to say three years later, after losing about 50 pounds, I'm still totally against diets. Second reason is simply that I obviously enjoyed to pieces doodling a fat guy in spandex, teheee ! ^^

When I drew him first, he was more cartoony, a kind of chibi. Now I'm not going to take care of him full time again, I have other OCs that need attention, but I wanted to spend some good times with him anyways. So I made a sexier version, more adult. It was funny to give him such an heroic pose. He could have been flying or so, but I wanted to show him stable and determined to change the world. Plus, it was important to show the... best parts. ^^
For the background I gotta confess I was totally inspired by Masakazu Katsura. He loves Batman but I love even more the dark adaptations he made with his own "Gotham" cities, for example in the mangas Zetman and Shadow Lady. It's darker, creepier and more twisted too ! XD So I was inspired by his weird architecture, let's face it.

Coloring that kind of illustrations is like artistic masturbation. ^^" Not my fault if his belly is so round, and if some bulges are so... shiny. These are the original colors I picked for Super Chubby in my first sketches, three or four years ago. The thing is : I didn't really choose, I just colored him with the colors left in my markers. I simply used the markers that had some ink left, and it happened to be a good match so I decided to keep it like that.

Now for something completely different !

I never post color works on this blog well... because I never know what to say about 'em. ^^" But this time it was quite a challenge, and I have to say I like the result -I honestly didn't think I could make it really right- so I post a little WIP.

Here's the story, Patrick Fillion nicely offered Dinosaurprince a sketch of one of his favorite characters ever : Rikuo. Dino thought it was sad to let it unfinished (well it's a short summary, for the whole story go to Dino's blog ! ^^) and asked me to color it.

I'd like to say that with such an awesome base it was too easy to do... but I'm not used to color sketches at all so I had to adapt a little bit. Who said challenge ? Me loves challenges ! Usually, I put the line art on a different layer, only the black parts, so I can color them later and have colored lines. (See Super Chubby for example !) This time it was not possible. So I kept the paper's texture to darken a bit the picture, and turned the drawing's layer to the multiply mode.

The good thing was that Patrick draws very well defined muscles, it's very simple to put light and shadows on it. Relief appears by itself. Oh and as I say everytime I color Rikuo, or an alien character, I love to work on green skins ! Not that I'm racist towards humans at all ! ^^ I just love the contrast on these colors.

lundi 10 mai 2010

Oh !? Surprised baby...

I found some time to draw this picture recently, don't even ask me how. ^^" Not that I don't have a thousand things to do. Anyway... here Felix, one of Ka'eo and Javier's friends.

I was simply doodling on my sketchbook, wanting to draw a face a bit different than those I usually draw, and a guy with a more defined body. I picked Felix 'cause he's a bit thinner than the others (though on this pic he's quite muscular) and I love to make him look a bit stupid... well let's say, at least, naive. My priority on this pic was his face, his startled expression. As if the poor dude didn't expect to come so soon. -Oh, and on my Deezer playlist here comes just right now Lil Wayne singing "Pussy Monster"... >w< as if I weren't horny enough to have spend two hours coloring this cock !-

He's on his bed of course and you don't really know when you see the line art if he's masturbating watching TV or through a neighbour's window (girl... or boy ? Hehe... I still didn't decide if Felix is gonna be straight or gay. Or both.) Next to the bed, a little chest of drawers with his laptop. Would you please notice the Blackberry getting its batteries filled ? Well yeah, the poor baby paid a lot for this so I guess as most of young people who have one, he's quite addicted to it. ^^

Red cheeks, ok. Red balls ? Hmm... kinky ! I know it's not realistic but I thought it could be funny if the HUGE drops of cum could make huge shadows on the wall. Hey, it's a comic illustration after all. Eventually, I guess he's watching TV seeing the blue reflections on his body. I know he's way too old to be surprised by his first orgasm so I think he's just startled by the big drops. But in my humble opinion he's should be careful, who knows if Mama ain't gonna enter the room soon ? XD

mardi 4 mai 2010

Banners ! -Finally...-

How silly was I not to do this before ? Anyways, here are some banners to promote this blog so if you like it, just spread the word. I'm totally open to banner exchanges too ! ^^

Who wants some juicy kangaroo meat ?

Uh, late, me ? Nooo ! ^^" Well, this time I'm really too late and busy to take time writing a lot about this last illustration so I leave it up to you to guess how it came up. Hope you'll enjoy those shorts WIPs of my last commission for Dinosaurprince.

From first doodle to inked piece. You can see some details changed, like their position, Nate's ornament and hair and especially Joey's face. Believe it or not but Matthew and I got inspired by Bugs Bunny cartoons. ^^ For Nate's fierce and grumpy look I thought about Ronon Dex from the TV Show Stargate Atlantis. Did you know he's gonna play Conan the Barbarian ? Yum yum !

I enjoyed doing the background, especially the colors even though I've never been in Australia. I used to have some good online friends there though. Actually, I've been inspired by a recent short trip I did, that allowed me to see some different landscapes while the sun wasn't very high in the sky. My boy was driving and I was mentally taking notes of what I was seeing, and how the light affected the hills. ^^