mardi 4 mai 2010

Who wants some juicy kangaroo meat ?

Uh, late, me ? Nooo ! ^^" Well, this time I'm really too late and busy to take time writing a lot about this last illustration so I leave it up to you to guess how it came up. Hope you'll enjoy those shorts WIPs of my last commission for Dinosaurprince.

From first doodle to inked piece. You can see some details changed, like their position, Nate's ornament and hair and especially Joey's face. Believe it or not but Matthew and I got inspired by Bugs Bunny cartoons. ^^ For Nate's fierce and grumpy look I thought about Ronon Dex from the TV Show Stargate Atlantis. Did you know he's gonna play Conan the Barbarian ? Yum yum !

I enjoyed doing the background, especially the colors even though I've never been in Australia. I used to have some good online friends there though. Actually, I've been inspired by a recent short trip I did, that allowed me to see some different landscapes while the sun wasn't very high in the sky. My boy was driving and I was mentally taking notes of what I was seeing, and how the light affected the hills. ^^

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  1. Oh wow, I have so many Nate images to post on my blog, but when I see this great write up, the need to post it is less, I feel more like linking to your blog instead! LOL. I love watching the little creation gifs take form.
    I did not know that about Conan. I can't wait!
    Nate sadly has become a bit of a dead end character for me. In that it is hard to think of single images for him. I would need to do a comic commission to really have fun with him. His motivations and actions in my mind feel too complicated to fit into one shots. XD