mardi 20 avril 2010

Sabrosos papis

Two illustrations I simply did for myself and had a lot of fun drawing. The first one is Angel, my OC. You already saw him here for example.

He's the "big brother" of the crew, the oldest, the strongest and, actually, the one I draw when I wanna put my hands on a big buff boy. He's my excuse for drawing a more muscular guy, because let's face it, the hermanitos of the crew pretend they're big boys but they're quite ridiculous next to him.

For his position and body I got inspired by several pictures of the wrestler/actor/sex bomb The Rock. One of my favorite beefcakes ever. So here Angel doesn't have the body of a super-hero but the anatomy of a hot dude who had some time to practice. I wanted to draw a prison wire behind him, and one of the jail's blocks but I truly swear I didn't have time. I'm drawing backgrounds for a lot of other things and I knew I would never find time for him, so I colored him instead of letting him rot in my cardboard.

This morning when I opened Photoshop to start playing with him I just said (not to myself, not in my head I really mean I said it loud) "Soo baby, I think we're gonna have a real good time together ! I knew it would be exciting to enlighten his body, because on dark skins you can play with a lot of tones, it's way easier than light skins. (Don't say I'm racist, I'm white myself... u_u and not tanned at all !) And it was, indeed. Except that, as usual, I looked at the file where I keep all the color references for the boys of the crew and was like "Hey where's Angel scheme ?". As always I forgot he has the exact same colors as his brother Javier. ^^" The little patch on his jeans has got the colors of the Cuban flag, of course.

Let's practice our Spanish lessons once again. "El dia de los muertos". Yeah, I know, I know I forgot the accent but I don't have it on my French keyboard. I think it gotta be the only interesting thing you can learn in Spanish lessons, except from the two or three words I was happy to recognize in Ricky Martin's and Enrique Iglesias' songs.

The very first time I drew this boy, a few months ago, about nearly a year actually, I wanted to draw a human sugar skull. A hot boy inspired by the traditional sugar skulls people get tattooed. This time I was inspired by another tattoo... but I can't find it anymore, it's been driving me crazy for two hours now. I once saw, on a Tattoo forum, a guy who had a huge flower tattooed around his anus. At first when I saw it I was like "Aaaaaouuuch !". But I had to admit that it was really, really awesome, the flower -and the rest- was pretty, and very appropriated. So, thinking back about it, I thought it would make a great drawing, and a cool addition to my Sugar Boy's ornaments.
As you can see, first doodle, I just suggested the background. The point of vue was tricky but that's precisely why I did it this way. Perspective work, haha...

Detail of the background. I drew him in front of one of these altars that are installed in Mexico to celebrate the dead members of the family. There are candles, sugar skulls, traditional flowers, curtains and drapes, and crosses of course even if this picture is quite sacrilegious. ^^"
The huge portrait represents a skull, once again inspired by tattoo culture. You often see that kind of skeletons, dressed in traditional Mexican mourning outfits, most of time they are a couple, a man and a woman. However, on the altar is supposed to be shown a photo of the dead guy, not a fantasy skeleton picture. So I don't know, maybe as there is no dead woman with him, the skeleton is (or was) Skull Boy's partner ? Oh gosh I'm drawing sad stories without even doing it on purpose !

I had a hard time finding the right balance for the colors. In the end I had to go for an unsaturated background to create a good contrast with the boy or it wouldn't have been easy to "read". The picture would have been too noisy. It's a bit frustrating too because the altar looked good with all these bright colors. But well, it's not that important, the sexy dude is always a priority ! ^^

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