jeudi 15 avril 2010

Hot Greys

Straight porn ? In here ? Yeah I know it's strange but eh... you'll understand why very soon.

As you obviously know, I already drew Nova the Grey for Dinosaurprince a few months ago, in a gayer situation. But Nova is into boys and girls (bisexuals in da place, raise your hand yeaaah ! *raises hand*) and he's even got a girlfriend, or kinda... when in February I offered Dino a free commission to thank him for the nine previous drawings he paid me, and to thank me he nicely asked me if there were any of his characters that I'd like to draw. I said I could draw straight sex for once, because come on, Nova and Nibiru have a pretty cool design, a great style and they look good together, don't they ?

First sketch. Dino only told me that Nova could be kneeling and Nibiru laying on her back, in front of him. I went for this position, added a sci-fi background, some kind of spatial landscape with a huge planet in the corner, a sky that was supposed to be full of stars, and two pyramids, because Nova is very inspired by Egyptian civilization, as you can see.

On the second sketch I removed their ears and gave Nova more dreads. I also added the insert panel in the top. Dino suggested there could be one and if I remember well it was a first time for me... interesting experience. ^^ If you wonder, you sex noobs, the round lump on her vagina's wall is her G spot. At first the panel was supposed to be egg-shaped but it wasn't really great in the end.

Would you please notice that Nova is more muscular than the guys I usually draw ? Just saying... It's something I have to force myself to do. Let's say "for my own good"... ^^"

The inside view was drawn on another sheet so it would be on a separate layer, there are two versions of the finished picture, one with and one without the porny part.

I really had fun with the background's colors, especially the sand and the pyramids. Made them silver-blue so you can imagine they are not made of stone but... anything you want, metal, or some shiny alien material, though with their golden tips they look like pyramidal boobs ! XD The head of Nova's penis is blue because it glows when he's coming, so you can guess he's about to come. So understandable with a hottie like Nibiru !

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