jeudi 15 octobre 2009

Shower games

Another commission for Dinosaurprince (I know, I know, again... but what I draw for myself now, I can't post it yet). The first time I draw his new character, Zainer Nova, half-grey, half-human. The pose was one of those I suggested for our first piece with Otnorot (the blue one). But instead of Space Cadet, this time I drew Zainer. I didn't have much inspiration for the background, since it's a basic bathroom but Dino suggested some Space Invaders references, and I immediately went for it because I just came out of the hairdresser and guess what ? My hair salon, Space Inv'headers, is decorated with a bunch of Space Invaders, pop-licious and geeky objects ! I was glad to create one more time a very colored universe, I love funky sci-fi.

1 commentaire:

  1. You did such a wonderful job on my boys again! Thanks so much for taking on Nova. You put so much into this. :) When I do my post of them I plan on showing a few of the early sketches as well.
    Currently Sirio is working on these two. It's going to be great! :)