lundi 19 octobre 2009

Happy Birthday to me !

It's my birthday and I do what I want so here's a little present to myself. My boy Javier, a character I created about nearly one year ago. I don't draw him much these days (well yes I do but I don't post it, it's a sort of surprise...) and I wanted to gift me so here he is.

I decided to go for this simple style first because it was supposed to be a quickie, a little sketch, nothing too complicated, and because yesterday for my b-day my lil sister bought me Anthony Gonzales' fantastic book "Bronx Boyz", the kind of book that make you think "Damn ! But the proportions are not always ok, the hands are sometimes a little weird and it's only about color pencils on brown paper bag but these illustrations are so tight, so intense... !". You don't need the damn Photoshop to do something efficient.

Unfortunately, I'm not that good so I used the damn' Toshop but this papi was quite obedient and so here's my own little present. *licks the cum on his ass*

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