mercredi 21 octobre 2009

Siente el fuego, las reglas del juego la pongo yo !

I wanted to keep this drawing for later but I just can't stand to stay for so long without posting completed illustrations, it's frustrating so I'm sacrificing this one. I suppose this one will remain an exclusive of my website and of this blog, because of Chabela's presence on the left, she's a girl, she can't be on Y!Gallery. Or maybe in the Extras, I'll see. I'll wait before posting this on my website too, I might change a few things but I'm not sure.

It's the first picture I make with all the members of the crew. Some of them are a bit out of character but it had to be sexy ! I love how their bodies came out. Big-E (#2 on the left) has a perfect round ass in my humble opinion, but Kae'o's belly is cool too (#5). Plus, notice he's got shorter hair than before and this stubble suits him, he looks more like a boy and I prefer this version. I like Javier's uncut cock and his muscular stomach (#4). Jesus and Felix are cheeky and funny. But my favorite is Mateo (#3) for sure, I don't know what happened between my hand, the pencil and his body but I like the result more than what I expected. (I probably have affinities with him because he's the slut of the hood ^^).

I also made a sepia version, I can't seem to decide which one I prefer... what do you think ? And which boy is your favorite ?

Btw, they are Cuban, Dominican and Puertorican wannabe gangstas, not real dudes with real problems, but it makes me think tomorrow I'm going to see the movie Sin Nombre. Hope it's gonna be a good one.

5 commentaires:

  1. I like the first version the best myself. I love the cut guy having the cigarette and the the one with the money sign necklace. He's sexy with a long foreskin! HOT! The boy at the end getting grabbed is really cute too. I hope you do more of them. :)

  2. Oh ! Tu me diras si le film était bien ? Tu le vois en VO ou VF ?

    I can't wait for what is waiting when I see this !

    BIG-E... ASS *still dead*

  3. Dinosaurprince > it's funny that my little "crush" in the crew is cut, while I prefer uncut myself... but well I had to be a little realistic, in USA most of guys are cut, unlike in France so...

    Emeline > There's a loOoOong review @ One Sketch A Day. ^^

  4. Javier & Ka'eo, but If I'm only choosing one, it's Ka'eo. He's just soo cute! and I love that even here, he's in character when several are not XD

  5. Pikapika > Ka'eo owns all of our hearts ! ^^ I didn't feel like doing Ka'eo naked, I didn't find a way that would have suited him so I just let him fully dressed. He's enjoying his harem, kinda...