mercredi 14 octobre 2009

If you like an animal... (adopt a troll)

I have to say for a long time I wasn't interested in anthros and furries at all. Because when you say anthro on the internet, it's mostly related to furry fandom, it's often about cats and dogs, or close felines and canids and it looks like basic bestiality. I was blocked by the fact you don't see that much original creations, so I didn't feel like trying to create. Until this summer, when I re-read the wonderful comic Blacksad...

The first anthro I drew this summer (I mean I have drawn many animals and humans before but this one was done in an anthro mood), though I'm gonna make another post just for the Jungle Babe drawings. But I post GD here (Gorilla Dude) because I love his round face, I'm glad I managed to make him look so nice. A bit naughty but nice and gorilla-looking at the same time.

What I noticed reading Blacksad was that animals are fascinating and you recognize good anthros when there are in the same time the unique characteristics of the animal and the interesting expressivity of humans. So I decided to draw an anthro I didn't see in Blacksad and it wasn't easy because I think Guarnido drew nearly all of the animals that exist. Camel was a very good practice.

I'm not a boy but I imagine it's something you would all enjoy, to make bubbles in the bath with your cock, right ?

Camel-boy is back ! And he's exhausted. I think this would be a sadistic exercise to ask a young animator to draw an anthro camel running.

Cartoony beefcakes ! Or hippocake and rhinocake, sort of... I wanted them round and tiny as if they could fit in my pocket.

These tiny dudes are sooo expressive ! I love to work with them, they make me practice body language. Especially the tiny hippo ears wiggling.

Finally, don't ask anyone if they think about uncommon animals, or you might end up with "angler fish" or "monk fish" ! But it was a cool challenge, I loved to make them look nice while they are considered as ugly fishes. ^^

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