jeudi 27 avril 2017

Can you feel the love tonight?

I recently took online courses to draw big cats and... the obvious kind of practice you'd expect from an artist like me happened. Yeah, rule 34. Gotta pamper my Furaffinity viewers, and honestly this is really fun. This dude started as a tiny bitty sketch on a little Moleskine, and he ended up really nice so I decided to clean him up a little.
I have to say I'm proud I did his face without a reference pic (the body had one though), right on first try. The things you can do when you don't put any pressure on yourself and just doodle loosely! I simply added some dreadlocks in his mane because it felt right.
Ready for summer, big boy? :D

mardi 18 avril 2017


 Okay, sometimes it's just bad timing, you start a picture and all of a sudden, the hero releases a brand new trailer and... he's got short hair. Bummer! Now I'm not gonna apologize, dude, Thor's looking amazing in the new trailer but Norsemen with long hair are a classic!
 As for my previous pic of Captain America, this was just supposed to be an anatomy practice. ;)
*sigh* I wish I knew him as a friend from work. Now which one should I do...?

vendredi 7 avril 2017

The kind of America we believe in.

There's always a good reason to draw gratuitously naked superheroes... anatomy practice for example. What do you mean, this pose is not really "academic"? :)
The truth is, I'm still head over heels for Captain America, but it's time Marvel realize we can't go on with the baby smooth Cap, the future resides in bearded Cap. Shaggy Cap. I'm pretty sure Chris Evans would agree to take on the role!
 Anyways, the likeliness isn't what I hoped but the nakedness is here. Hopefully, Thor is next in line to show off the goods.