dimanche 13 octobre 2013


I recently told you with my "Fall" picture that I missed drawing bears and needed to add more bears to my catalogue. Well, here's a new one, coupled to one of my favorite kind of universes: cyberpunk. I loosely based the first sketch on a picture of a bear I had in my folders but it turned out like a futuristic version of my boyfriend... woops!
 There is no law that forbids bears from wearing the same ridiculously sexual skin tight suits as women and sci-fi twinks, right? And if there's one well... I'm breaking it with pleasure! As you can guess from the island in a bubble and the little "cable car", this is a possible future San Francisco. With several planets in the background.
As I kept repeating myself during the process, this is a pure coincidence, and indeed it is but I can't believe how much he looks like my boyfriend. My subconscious is trying to tell me something... but what?

lundi 7 octobre 2013

Young Saint Men

I've always been fond of religious iconography -from everywhere around the world, not just Judeo-Christian-, which is kind of an obligation when you love Art History. Art and religion have always been connected in many, many ways. This is why I'm a huge fan of the manga Young Saint Men. I'm serious if you've never read it, just try it! It's funny, it's clever, full of smart references, you can learn a lot about Buddhist myths and Christian symbolics, it's hilarious and definitely witty. I love it!
This is the story of Jesus and Buddha who, after working so hard for mankind, decided to go on vacation... in Japan obviously. The two adorable guys discover many wonderful things on Earth like blogs, online games and the internet, 100 yen stores and Japanese customs.
 Buddha always makes custom t-shirts for them. On Buddha's is written in katakana "Siddhartâ" and on Jesus is a fish and a bread multiplied. Yes, that's on the manga, that's their kind of humor.
 -Pssst I prefer fat buddha but that's not how he is in the manga...-
Woops, Jesus really has the same hair as Debra Morgan from the tv show Dexter. And as my sister too, actually... X)

The final collage looks terribly shôjo, on the verge of yaoi but heh, not my fault if Jesus' crown blooms when he's happy!