mardi 27 octobre 2009

What's this ?

Uh, uh it might be a comic page but I might be wrong. I don't want to post the progress, I don't want to show too much hints until this short story is done but it's gonna be the very first time for Javier and Ka'eo with real panels and bubbles and all so we're both excited ; here's the sketch of page 2. You'll notice Ka'eo's new style with shorter hair and stubble ; and you can't see it here but I totally re-designed his tattoos, they're a pain in the ass. I'm not ready to make a comic about mareros... (well I say that but I'm having such ideas since last week... >< if I did it, it could be awesome, dangerous but awesome !)

Anyway, on to the sketchy-smut !

mercredi 21 octobre 2009

Siente el fuego, las reglas del juego la pongo yo !

I wanted to keep this drawing for later but I just can't stand to stay for so long without posting completed illustrations, it's frustrating so I'm sacrificing this one. I suppose this one will remain an exclusive of my website and of this blog, because of Chabela's presence on the left, she's a girl, she can't be on Y!Gallery. Or maybe in the Extras, I'll see. I'll wait before posting this on my website too, I might change a few things but I'm not sure.

It's the first picture I make with all the members of the crew. Some of them are a bit out of character but it had to be sexy ! I love how their bodies came out. Big-E (#2 on the left) has a perfect round ass in my humble opinion, but Kae'o's belly is cool too (#5). Plus, notice he's got shorter hair than before and this stubble suits him, he looks more like a boy and I prefer this version. I like Javier's uncut cock and his muscular stomach (#4). Jesus and Felix are cheeky and funny. But my favorite is Mateo (#3) for sure, I don't know what happened between my hand, the pencil and his body but I like the result more than what I expected. (I probably have affinities with him because he's the slut of the hood ^^).

I also made a sepia version, I can't seem to decide which one I prefer... what do you think ? And which boy is your favorite ?

Btw, they are Cuban, Dominican and Puertorican wannabe gangstas, not real dudes with real problems, but it makes me think tomorrow I'm going to see the movie Sin Nombre. Hope it's gonna be a good one.

lundi 19 octobre 2009

Happy Birthday to me !

It's my birthday and I do what I want so here's a little present to myself. My boy Javier, a character I created about nearly one year ago. I don't draw him much these days (well yes I do but I don't post it, it's a sort of surprise...) and I wanted to gift me so here he is.

I decided to go for this simple style first because it was supposed to be a quickie, a little sketch, nothing too complicated, and because yesterday for my b-day my lil sister bought me Anthony Gonzales' fantastic book "Bronx Boyz", the kind of book that make you think "Damn ! But the proportions are not always ok, the hands are sometimes a little weird and it's only about color pencils on brown paper bag but these illustrations are so tight, so intense... !". You don't need the damn Photoshop to do something efficient.

Unfortunately, I'm not that good so I used the damn' Toshop but this papi was quite obedient and so here's my own little present. *licks the cum on his ass*

jeudi 15 octobre 2009

Shower games

Another commission for Dinosaurprince (I know, I know, again... but what I draw for myself now, I can't post it yet). The first time I draw his new character, Zainer Nova, half-grey, half-human. The pose was one of those I suggested for our first piece with Otnorot (the blue one). But instead of Space Cadet, this time I drew Zainer. I didn't have much inspiration for the background, since it's a basic bathroom but Dino suggested some Space Invaders references, and I immediately went for it because I just came out of the hairdresser and guess what ? My hair salon, Space Inv'headers, is decorated with a bunch of Space Invaders, pop-licious and geeky objects ! I was glad to create one more time a very colored universe, I love funky sci-fi.

mercredi 14 octobre 2009

If you like an animal... (adopt a troll)

I have to say for a long time I wasn't interested in anthros and furries at all. Because when you say anthro on the internet, it's mostly related to furry fandom, it's often about cats and dogs, or close felines and canids and it looks like basic bestiality. I was blocked by the fact you don't see that much original creations, so I didn't feel like trying to create. Until this summer, when I re-read the wonderful comic Blacksad...

The first anthro I drew this summer (I mean I have drawn many animals and humans before but this one was done in an anthro mood), though I'm gonna make another post just for the Jungle Babe drawings. But I post GD here (Gorilla Dude) because I love his round face, I'm glad I managed to make him look so nice. A bit naughty but nice and gorilla-looking at the same time.

What I noticed reading Blacksad was that animals are fascinating and you recognize good anthros when there are in the same time the unique characteristics of the animal and the interesting expressivity of humans. So I decided to draw an anthro I didn't see in Blacksad and it wasn't easy because I think Guarnido drew nearly all of the animals that exist. Camel was a very good practice.

I'm not a boy but I imagine it's something you would all enjoy, to make bubbles in the bath with your cock, right ?

Camel-boy is back ! And he's exhausted. I think this would be a sadistic exercise to ask a young animator to draw an anthro camel running.

Cartoony beefcakes ! Or hippocake and rhinocake, sort of... I wanted them round and tiny as if they could fit in my pocket.

These tiny dudes are sooo expressive ! I love to work with them, they make me practice body language. Especially the tiny hippo ears wiggling.

Finally, don't ask anyone if they think about uncommon animals, or you might end up with "angler fish" or "monk fish" ! But it was a cool challenge, I loved to make them look nice while they are considered as ugly fishes. ^^

mardi 13 octobre 2009

Dinosaur Prince's Kingdom

Could I really join this community and not make a post about my commissions and collabs with Dinosaur Prince ?

He's well known on Y!Gallery and appreciated for two reasons : he created his own universe full of funny and sexy characters with unique features and he supported the community, the artists, commissioning them and showing he loved their work. BUT I don't wanna lick his ass (as we say in French ^^") it's just to explain briefly the situation. And after all, he talks about us on his blog with such kind words, he deserves it.

However, here are the few commissions I did for him.

Our first time together, a few months ago. There were a lot of misunderstandings, mostly because of language. Let's say I usually understand English but when it's about hybrids of humans and prehistoric creatures the vocabulary get a little too complicated. Plus, Dinosaur Prince thought I was from Caribbean and didn't have no clue I was French which led to a strange situation. We eventually understood each other and I'm still very happy with this picture.

Capcom fanart from a game I've never played and honestly I've never heard about before this commission. The most difficult in the making of this illustration was the lack of references. You can't find good high-res pics of Rikuo and Donovan. In the end, what I absolutely loved doing was Donovan's suit. These primary blue and red parts have something childish, something terribly "video game" that I love.

Every time I look at this picture I wonder how Dino came up with this impossible cross-over. I think he surprised everyone with it ! Being a big Little Prince hater... (well not a hater but I just can't stand the book the teachers tried to force me to read when I was a kid, while I was reading more interesting and complex books) I'm glad because I don't want to punch my version of him in the face. But I don't really like my Space Cadet. Could have done much better. :/

Prehistoric boys again ! This was one of the pictures that drew itself on the paper. Seriously, I tried a few positions until this one came up and I crossed my fingers, hoping Dino would like it because I loved it. Fortunately, he enjoyed as much as I did Dimata's huge smile and Romer's athletic pose. And being myself a fan of uncut, let's say I really had a good time drawing the mammoth's trunk. ^__~

Space Cadet again and Dino's original alien Otnorot. As everyone noticed, I had a lot of fun drawing these two, you can see I spent a lot of time on the background. Everytime I was adding a little spotlight in the ship I was like "Oh no, another detail to color !". Don't say it too loud but there is still something that annoys me a little with my Space Cadet. I don't tame the character. One day I'll manage and be satisfied !

This one was not a commission but my entry for a contest by Dinosaur Prince, so it had to be in this post ; after all, the ideas of prehistoric creatures often come from the same person's mind in this fandom ! I didn't win the contest but I enjoy this illustration so this is some kind of victory, after all.

I'm on Blogspot ? Dammit !

Mic' check... one, two...

Hey there babes, I still don't know why I'm doing this, because I already have like a thousand blogs here and there but I love gay art, I want to keep on drawing gay pOr... art, I mean art and Blogspot is THE place to be for that kind of art so...

I am Gâ-L, a French freelance artist, but you might know me as Caravaggia on many websites (Y!Gallery, DeviantArt, Furaffinity). But that's not the most important, you can call me whatever you like as long as you recognize my boys !

At first I'll post some oldies of course, maybe with comments on the pictures, their stories... but first of all, let's try to understand how this blogger thing works...

XO _ Gâ-L