dimanche 11 avril 2010

Who is Usagi Kira ?

To sum up, Usagi Kira is a character I created a while ago and now she kinda... rules my life. At first it was just for fun but now I'm going to a lot of manga conventions to show and sell some goodies, postcards, bookmarks, etc. But who is she ? Well that's the point. Just a young gothic lolita, absolutely cute and kawaii, who loves to torture rabbits. -Once again I'm all for animals rights and blablabla... it's just for fun. I don't even eat rabbits in real life.- The contrast between cuteness and gore is what makes her attractive.

So, coming back from an epic convention at the begining of February, I knew I had another con' two weeks ago, that it was going to be an exhausting month and I didn't want to lose my inspiration as it happened last November. This last artblock was awful so I decided to force myself to draw a little smut, just not to lose it. For this one I wanted to make a gay porn version of Usagi Kira but it had to be two boys, of course, or it wouldn't have been gay -that's kinda mathematical ^^-. Also, the boy had to be feminine but not too much, and the rabbit is an anthro because I'm not really into pure bestiality.

I'm not into non-con either, or ero-guro ; it could have been more in the spirit of Usagi Kira if it was really gore but I prefered to remain safe, traditional porn with some kinky details. And the rabbit even seems to enjoy it. A friend told me he reminded him of Nesquick's rabbit ! ^^ I kept very human proportions, not too cartoony, because I wanted it to be just a reference of Usagi, but a good porn illustration -uh well, is it good ? I'm not the good person to ask... ^^"-

Of course it's very pink and soft, don't forget she's supposed to be a lolita ! The braids are the only girly detail I allowed myself to give him, he really didn't need the lace dress and the corset. The rabbits I usually draw just never have this face, they are always scared and/or suffering. Oh, and don't forget to check out www.usagikira.com !

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