lundi 5 avril 2010

Happy birthdayzzz !

Last saturday, April 3rd, was Fallen Angel's birthday. Being a friend of Dinosaurprince, he tried to prevent him from making a fuss out of it, but he didn't manage and guess who had some pieces of art of his favorite character for his birthday ? :}

Dino and I are used to work together now, it's quite easy. However this time, it was a little tricky : Dino learned and told me about the birthday on tuesday ; I obviously could draw only one character for saturday but see, I'm in France and Dino in Canada, and he can't look at my work in progress when he's at work. But when he comes back from work I'm already sleeping so when I send him something, sometimes it may take one entire day to get his approval on a step : we work fast but the jetlag makes us wait for each other during too many hours. ^^" So we decided to do something really simple to have time to finish before saturday.

The character Dino picked is Koji Kabuto from Go Nagai's Mazinger Z. One of Fallen Angel's not so secret crushes. ^^ On this version, I tried to draw his long lashes, as the original had, but we agreed that it was too girly so we got rid of it.

Dino wanted him to eat some noodles, in his uniform, but with his cock hanging from his open suit. I made him slurp his noodles as all the japanese charas do in manga, it was quite fun ! ^^ I think I fucked up his hand with the chopsticks anyway, I really need to pratice. He is kneeling, because that's the way you traditionally eat at a table in Japan. Oh, I know his cock doesn't match the Japanese clichés at all but well... in my porn, guys are well hung, that's it ! XD

Due to the lack of time, we decided to keep a simple background. I doodled a little something a bit stormy and powerful on Photoshop, playing with brushes and layers, trying to match his suit. In the end the result is not too bad for something drawn "under pressure" ! Plus, it was my very first Go Nagai fanart and I'm happy about it ! ^^

Also, on the same day was my best friend's birthday. I really, really, really had no idea of what to draw her -I'm working on a lot of different projects for the moment and when I have to come back to drawing for my own pleasure, I just don't know what to do ^^"-, so I asked her and she suggested my OC Big-E.

I said ok, the fact is Big-E has got a girlfriend who loooves him -lucky bitch ! - yeah I know it's only fiction and so what ?- so... if I wanted to give her a sexy pic of the dude, she virtually had to deal with the possessive girlfriend. The scan is not awesome, that's the problem with watercolor, the scan fucks it up easily. But I know when I'll eventually give her the original piece, she will get the right colors and contrast. Ah, this belly... *__* I would be jealous too !

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  1. Hey thanks again! And yeah, it's so not the Japanese Stereotype is it? XD HA HA HA, but that's cool. :P

  2. Mon Big-E et sa Chabella seront les plus beaux du monde !