lundi 10 mai 2010

Oh !? Surprised baby...

I found some time to draw this picture recently, don't even ask me how. ^^" Not that I don't have a thousand things to do. Anyway... here Felix, one of Ka'eo and Javier's friends.

I was simply doodling on my sketchbook, wanting to draw a face a bit different than those I usually draw, and a guy with a more defined body. I picked Felix 'cause he's a bit thinner than the others (though on this pic he's quite muscular) and I love to make him look a bit stupid... well let's say, at least, naive. My priority on this pic was his face, his startled expression. As if the poor dude didn't expect to come so soon. -Oh, and on my Deezer playlist here comes just right now Lil Wayne singing "Pussy Monster"... >w< as if I weren't horny enough to have spend two hours coloring this cock !-

He's on his bed of course and you don't really know when you see the line art if he's masturbating watching TV or through a neighbour's window (girl... or boy ? Hehe... I still didn't decide if Felix is gonna be straight or gay. Or both.) Next to the bed, a little chest of drawers with his laptop. Would you please notice the Blackberry getting its batteries filled ? Well yeah, the poor baby paid a lot for this so I guess as most of young people who have one, he's quite addicted to it. ^^

Red cheeks, ok. Red balls ? Hmm... kinky ! I know it's not realistic but I thought it could be funny if the HUGE drops of cum could make huge shadows on the wall. Hey, it's a comic illustration after all. Eventually, I guess he's watching TV seeing the blue reflections on his body. I know he's way too old to be surprised by his first orgasm so I think he's just startled by the big drops. But in my humble opinion he's should be careful, who knows if Mama ain't gonna enter the room soon ? XD

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  1. Hee hee, it's like, he is cumming and shocked that he not only came so fast, but now worried that he has to clean this up before as you put it, his momma comes in! I think most guys go through this a lot. It feels so good, so we keep going even though we know we should stop. The hormones take control and we lose our ability to use better judgment. Once we release reality comes back and we make that exact face I am sure! XD Excellent new style by the way. I love that you are exploring new things. :)