mercredi 20 janvier 2010

Dinosaurprince's last fantasy

Ok, will I manage to finally write this post ? I'm been driving myself crazy with Blogger, it was partly his fault, partly mine... *breathes* well ! Boys let me tell ya Dino and I literally rocked this new commission ! All I wanna say is "Epic win".

Dino wanted me to try his new boy, Andrew 2 -you'll have to tell me why "two" by the way ! ^^-. His idea was that Andrew, hanging from a tree by his legs, could startle Romer by falling on him, holding him with his vines and forcing his multiple cocks to his face, but in a playful way. At first I didn't see exactly how it could turn out so Dino sketched his idea and I thought we could use some twisted point of vue to get something really interesting. I tried to find a dynamic yet sexy and unusual position. Here's the genesis of the baby, the first scribble. I usually send more detailed sketches but this position was really tricky and I didn't want to sweat too much on it if the Boss didn't like it. Fortunately he did.

I got inspired mostly by Dinosaurprince's own version of Andrew 2, but for some details I totally followed Ink-B's version... ahh you guess why ! ^^ The horny sucking plants in this picture totally looked like Bellsprout and I'm a real pokewhore so I fell in love with them. Aren't they cute ? I expected to be asked to change some things but Dino was just as happy as I was with this sketch so it stayed like that.

Line art, just because... -did I say drawing upside down stuff seen from the floor is quite tricky ? Just saying... but the pleasure when it's done is sooo good !-

When I started to color, the skins had no shadows or lights, and it made me wanna eat an ice-cream, it looked like pistachio flavor and chocolate. Fortunately the cold weather prevented me to do so ! ^^ This time the hard-working little pOrn elf I am didn't forget to color Romer's penis head with deep purple, I also decided to make different colors for all of Andrew's cocks. There were just some changes to do for the pink one... ^^ On Yaoi Gallery, I posted a "censored" version because it seems the eyes aren't allowed on the tentacle things so it's a kind of exclusive for here, my website and Dino's blog. And because I think it was totally worthy, a WIP, animated gif -clicky, clicky !- :

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  1. This is a wonderful write up! You're really good at doing these blogs. The step by step is amazing. I find the process very interesting. Hmmmm Your version of my boys is so good, for sure they will be the subject of our next commission, if that is ok! XD