lundi 15 février 2010

Unfair Game !

Unfair game, yet another epic story of Gâ-L and Dinosaurprince ! This time it was not really a commission, it was more of a request, free request. Dino has been really kind and supportive (and a picky son of a bitch as he says himself ! :p) since we started to work together so I decided to make a special offer like a pizza delivery company : nine drawings commissioned, the tenth for free.

As you saw on my last post, Andrew and Romer are definitely a good match so Dino asked for another piece of the two of them. This time it's badminton on the beach ! -Not bad because it's quite cold over here, what about your place ? Mine is freezing !- At first, Dino thought about four characters playing badminton but he thought it was a little too much of asking for a free request, seeing that we usually went for two charas. Here's the first doodle, trying to put things in shape. They were both very dynamic, ready for the game but...

Dino suggested Andrew could be more relaxed because he's got an obvious advantage : three rackets, two more heads... now you get it : unfair game ! So I gave Romer a more desperate look, it's logical that he doesn't like to lose, especially this way. Dino also wanted to add a Flintstones touch (classic !) so the net is tied to a palm tree -I love palm trees, they remind me of my hometown, I grew up among palm trees, though they were added by the town council, they don't shoot naturally in south of France-. And they are playing with a bird as in the Flintstones.

We all thought it was going to be pretty easy ; you probably think it was an easy illustration to do. Oh, I didn't expect that. ^^" The net was the problem. Because you see, Andrew is full of details. And the net, simply sketched, was a terrible mess over Andrew. The pencil was dirty, there was dust everywhere. See, if it had been a picture for myself I would have drawn the net at the last moment, after everything else, because I wouldn't need to sketch it to know where it was. But as it was a commission I had to show Dino what it was going to look like, it's normal.

You can see we changed the placement of the bird. Ah, the bird, what a story ! I drew him round like a ball, it gotta be more ergonomic. Though he seems to know who he wants to see winning. I made him laugh at Romer, which is not very nice.

And the final picture ! Something funny happened at this point. At first the bird was blue, as in the Flintstones. But then Matthew asked me to change a bit the color of the feathers of his tail "to make him look more like a birdie". He suggested white feathers. Do you remember I'm French ? Now that's the joke, I didn't know what was a birdie in badminton. I absolutely had no idea ! So when he said that I thought he meant the bird had to look more like a bird. At the moment I thought it was a bit rude, because if he didn't like the design of the bird he could have told me before I inked and started to color. ^^" And the way to say it was weird too, it seemed strange that he said "the bird should look more like a bird" instead of a more polite "the bird should look more realistic". Long story short, we finally understood each other and I gave the bird the colors of a badminton birdie. We agreed it was going a funny story to tell later !

Stay tuned because what we're currently working on, though it's not going to be posted as soon as it's finished, will be reaaally good ! :}

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