vendredi 5 mars 2010

Qué pasó con mi leche ?

Guess what ? I have another blog post in progress but I just can't seem to finish to write it. I will, one day... probably... ^^" anyway, today I finally finished this illustration and wanted to share.

Yeah, it might be what it seems to be. The "cover" of a short comic I'm currently drawing, just for fun. You recognize my original characters, Javier the latino baby boy from the Bronx and Ka'eo the hawaiian chubby dude. The comic will be 6 pages long. The title means, in spanish, "What happened to my milk ?"... Yup, it's exactly what you think it is, it's supposed to be hot and funny at the same time.
For the cover I wanted a mix of what you can see in the six pages : hot hip-hop styled chocolate boys, average domestic details like the chair and the clothes on it and the urban feeling of the Bronx in the background. I tried to find the good balance between the background and the boys, using the diagonal in the composition. Honestly don't know if I managed...
However, I couldn't decide what kind of tones I should use so I made two variations, one less saturated and one more saturated. Don't hesitate to give your opinion because I really, really don't know which is better, though I like the flashy one.

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