mercredi 17 mars 2010

Happy Birthday Freddy !

About one month ago, our dear Dinosaurprince told me about his ideas, his projects, and said he wanted to commission some pieces for the birthday of his friend Freddy, a.k.a Ink-B -a pretty good artist, you should definitely check out !-. He told me we could work on something else before if I wanted to, but as a good paranoid I just said "No, it's in one month, let's do it first, there's a deadline, it's important !". There you know I'm kinda... angsty ! *lol*

The first pic was prince Athan, a gorgeous original character created by Ink-B. Dino said he could be kneeling next to an open treasure chest, tossing up gold coins in the air with a very happy look on his face. The scene would take place on an island, next to the beach. He also suggested the coins would make the words "Happy Birthday Ink-B" but I thought it was going to be huge and complicated and would steal the attention Athan needed, so I wrote the b'day wishes on a parchment to figure a treasure map.

On a funny note, I am what I am... I'm used to another kind of commissions so... at first I drew Athan totally naked (and quite... glorious ^^") but then Dino told me that Athan was Ink-B's baby and that he wasn't supposed to be NSFW at all. So I brought his clothes back. Naaa you won't see the first sketch, you pervs' ! On this second version I added some jewels, all the necklaces and the gold bracelet with Ink's name engraved on it.

Inked version. You can notice I wrote Happy Birthday on the parchment in French because the internet is huuuuuuuuge but sometimes you get commissioned by a Canadian guy to draw a part of the birthday present of a guy who speaks the same language as you ! ^^ -Let's say Ink-B and I live in the same country but not at all in the same part of the world. Wow, damn colonization !- I thought it would sound exotic to English speakers, or to anyone who doesn't speak French anyway, but Ink would understand it.

As for the colors, nothing really important to say, I wondered for a while if I was going to go for unsaturated colors, for darker tones or more realistic background, but then I thought a birthday wasn't really the good moment to make experimentations : I sticked to a joyful cartoony color scheme as that's what I do the best. In the end the result is not too bad, in my opinion.

Second piece !

Being a concerned friend, Dino also asked for Ink's favorite characters from Final Fantasy : Basch and Squall. This is my first FF porn, maybe my first FF fanart and I have to say the best part of it was to have to show it to my best friend, who's a complete Final Fantasy whore. She's been a fan for years -decades ?-, she jumped on FFXIII as soon as it came out, she knows five years before when a game is supposed to be released, I'm always totally lost when I talk about it with her. I was so scared she would be picky and say "No, Squall is not supposed to be like this, and Basch should be like that !"
However, even though I'm not a gamer I've always admired Final Fantasy, since the beginning they have the best pictures... see, when a video game is made in USA or Europe, you know Japanese were doing as good 3D effects on Final Fantasy like five years ago. Not even talking about their fantastic chara design work, every time. I remember when FFX came out, I was younger, I've never played the game but I could spend hours in front of the TV, watching the previews, trailers and other videos of the game, drooling over Tidus and Wakka and the motherfuckin way these pictures were animated !

Dino requested a good old doggy style. With Basch cumming on Squall's back - that's the cherry on top ! ^^-. Doggy style is not the position I prefer to draw ; it's cool because both guys can be facing you and you can fully see their faces. (Plus it's a hot position, if you've ever tried you know what I mean...) But the way to put arms and legs is a bit tricky. I feel like ALL of my doggy style pics are the same. I gotta find a way to get better at this -without drawing it from a side view, which is ever worse in my opinion-.

You know what ? I really had fun with their clothes. At first, I think we were wondering if we should draw them naked or not but I said to Dino that definitely, their special suits are 100% parts of the characters and that they should be drawn. Basch's suit was a mess, lots of straps, leather stuff. But I had a blast inking Squall's jacket. I think I love to draw leather much more than to wear it ! ^^

In the end, I got inspired by a screencap of Dissidia for the background. Did it entirely on Photoshop. Oh, I know, you're wondering what my best friend did say about the complete illustration... or did she see it ? Don't remember if she saw the finished work, but I know she said it was funny because Squall, the character who always pouts and never smiles, was smiling on this drawing. As I told her, Dino and I are really into consensual sex, we like it playful and happy -in our works, of course ! We have a professional relationship ! ^^- and it wouldn't have been a great birthday wish if this usually grumpy Squall didn't seem happy to be there.

To see what other gorgeous pieces of art Ink-B got for his birthday, go to Dinosaur Prince's Kingdom !

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  1. Wow excellent write up as usual! Thank goodness you too the time to do this. Trying to give this amount of explanation to all the images last night would have taken till his next birthday. You have a perfect talent for doing blogs. :)

  2. Haha, thanks but I don't have much pictures to post on my blog, this is why I can take time to explain them all. For you it would be impossible ! However, now that the birthday is over, you will ahve more time to focus on your own projects.
    I still have unexplained pics waiting in a folder on my desk and I never seem to find the courage to write a blog about them. ^^"

  3. NANNNNNN PAS EUUUUUXXXXXXX T_T Pk ont fait du yaoi avec FF pourquouaaaaaaaaaa snif T_T

    j'adore tes crayonné !