mardi 23 mars 2010

Of spiders and dinosaurs...

Denver, the last dinosaur

I had the idea of this fanart when I joined a group on Facebook titled "What does mean the "And so much more" in Denver's opening song ?". Oh, what a pathetic proof that I'm a nolife, being inspired by Facebook ! u_u But that's the best part of this network, stupid groups like "Eating a salad at McDonald's is like asking a hug to a hooker" or "One day, you wake up... and you're a salmon."

There was this picture by DAvy Mourier, a french actor/director/writer/comic artist/nerd/idol of mine and as you can guess I was craving to do my own version so here it is.

I wasn't sure I would do something good, finding the right balance between Denver's so cartoony anatomy and a realistic human cock -ah, Y!Gallery !- but in the end it's not that shocking -or is it ? ^^-. He's got a round, cute face and that huge... HUGE thing. I didn't include his badass guitar but I let him hold his shades, they are so fantastic ! 80's pink shades ! XD

I don't really remember why I picked this kid among all the team, don't remember his name, sorry, but it was most probably because he was the nerdiest -or just to make an homage to DAvy's version-. Dorks with glasses deserve some lovin' too ! However, I'm not into shota at all so I made him a big boy. I really had fun drawing his chest hair, and his big 90's sneakers. I drew them in their play hut, that was such an important place in the show and I like the idea they're still hiding in there many years later to play in a pretty different way ! ^^

Lars Croft and the Spider

This one unfortunately had to be posted in the Extras on Yaoi Gallery because the spider is kinda sexually assaulting him -is it really bestiality ? Hm...-. It could have been work safe as in the video game but come on, wouldn't have been funny at all !

The spider is an homage to one of my favorite levels ever : the Temple of Xian in Tomb Raider 2. I love all this level because it's quite technical, it's trap after trap after trap, you don't have a single second to rest and it's all about knowing exactly what you can do and when to do it -ah... jump and flip from a ladder to another ladder in your back, one of my favorite tricks ! ^^-. However, I have to say the spider cave got me screaming and squealing and jumping in front of my screen like a thousand times because it's so dark and you hear them but you don't know where they come from, you don't even know where you gotta go. It's not even that this level is complicated, it's just so scary ! *shivers*

Lars' mini shorts, just like Lara's, are so tight, it's such a temptation to rip them off, that's why I do it in every single drawing. But I don't see anything underneath, guess he's going commando all the time, just in case he might need a "fast access". I kinda like the color of his skin, would like to bite his arm. I also added some shiny lights to the background to remember the weird atmosphere of the spider cave : it already has that strange emerald lighting you have in the next level, the Floating Islands. It should have been much darker too, but I prefer to fully see Lars and his cock, that's quite important, nope ? ^^

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  1. Oh my gosh, Denvers Dong is HUGE! LOL. I have been waiting to see this completed. They guys in Denver were so hot. I am surprised there is not more fan art of them.

  2. Le Denver est simplement excellent ! XD Tellement dans le ton de la musique XD

    Puis ce que j'aime bien chez toi c'est que tes perso sont tout en rondeur, je veux pas dire que c'est des personnes ronde hein je veux direque c'est pas les gens tout carré comme dans les comics et j'aime bien. (et putain sont tous membré à te un oeil XD pour moi qui suis pas fan du yaoi chuis pas dans la mouise XD)