jeudi 23 juin 2011

Mourning knight

Just a regular fantasy illustration (with tiny boobs in it ^^) but since it has a hot boy in it, and the mixed-media was interesting, I felt like sharing.

Sorry I don't have the big sketch anywhere on my computer, but here's the most important part. ^^

The knight's face expression became more serious with the inking. He's mourning someone after all...

That's a kind of dangerous bet, to go for a watercolor painted background... personally, I enjoy the result ! Of course it needed a few touches up on Photoshop to look good with the rest of the picture.

What do you guys think ? Good technique or not ?

2 commentaires:

  1. I like it. It has a very medieval feel to it! Nice design on the warrior. He looks very realistic. He is strong, but has a slight build. He was probably never feed that well and had tough life like a lot of people back then eh? You should really do more images of your characters! You have such a large collection of hot guys. I would love to see him with your Arabian camel rider!!! ^_^

  2. Not bad! The watercolor background gives kind of a depth-of-field effect, and the coloring is good. I bet that knight would look good swinging that sword around, too.