mercredi 16 mai 2012

Maât's Law

This all started with a doodle. I had had a tough week, just needed some rest, needed to relax all by myself, without my boyfriend nor anyone. So I just crashed on the couch, grabbed my sketchbook and let my red pencil play while watching the (awesome !!!) grand season finale of My Little Pony. I really, truly didn't wanna think about what I was doing, I was pretty sure it was gonna be one of these sketches that suck so much you just rip them off your sketchbook. And this little dude came out of nowhere. I won't make a revolution by drawing Egyptian Cyberpunk for sure, Stargate and Enki Bilal did it wayyy before I did but well, since he was better looking than I expected I kept on with this concept.

When cleaning and inking him I thought one of the most cyberpunk deities of the Egyptian mythology was probably Maât, goddess of Justice. According to these (religious fanatics ^^") Egyptians, when you died, you were presented to Maât who put your heart in a scale and if your heart was heavier than her feather... well, let's face it you were screwed and you deserved it, you impure bastard ! Your heart was given to a monster who joyfully feasted on it.

So yes, Maât supposedly was a girl but that never stops us, right ? I thought it would make a nice story for this illustration to tell and here I went.

And he just created a new feather... will your heart be to heavy for him ? Looks like he's judging you anyways. Do you have anything to hide ?

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