dimanche 11 mars 2012

Romer's glory

It had been a while since I've had Dinosaur Prince's character Romer in my hands. And last month we decided to do a few sexy pics inspired by some old school National Geographic illustrations. Starting with the first one, the naughtiest.

Romer is pleasuring himself while a triceratops in the background is kinda... howling ? Well I guess the poor creature is calling for a mate because the show is too hot to bear ! ^^

Added some broken bones and cracked eggs shells, I thought it might be some funny details.

Sunset atmospheres have always been my favorites, I love these warm tones so I was more than happy to respect the original colors of the illustrations Dinosaur Prince showed me, you can find them in this post on his blog.

And the second one is less "dirty", almost innocent... almost, haha ! Romer is just hanging out with his friends, or... well, on the head of one of his friends.
I tried to make a cute wrinkled brontosaurus close-up and when he saw the sketch, Matthew told me he looked like Littlefoot's grandpa ! What a fuckin' awesome compliment !!! Okay I immediately remembered one of the saddest scenes in the history of animated movies but damn, that made me blush !

I didn't know exactly what to do for the background but I thought some grass could be good for the placid herbivore scene we were trying to create. I tried to make the viewer feel the wind in the tall grass and was -a little bit- inspired by the wonderful representations of animated grass in Miyazaki's movies. You can see the picture that inspired us on Dinosaur Prince's blog too !

Stay tuned for more prehistoric boys soon that I didn't draw but colored in a square of sweet collaborations ! ;)

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